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Acer TravelMate Driver Download. Model Name: TM The laptop is very agile in everything with the choice of Intel Celeron M processor. GHz. Download the latest drivers for your Acer TravelMate to keep your Computer up-to-date. Qualcomm Atheros AREG Wireless Network Adapter. Download Acer TravelMate Wi-Fi device drivers for Windows 7, XP, 10, 8, and , or install Qualcomm Atheros ARG Wireless Network Adapter.

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Drivers for Wi-Fi devices for Acer TravelMate laptops | Windows XP x86 Qualcomm Atheros ARG Wireless Network Adapter. Download driver. Acer TravelMate drivers. Please scroll down to find a latest utilities and drivers for your Acer TravelMate Be attentive to download software for your . Download and Update Acer TravelMate Drivers for your Windows XP, Here you can download Acer TravelMate Drivers free and easy, just update your drivers now., Wireless LAN Driver, Windows Vista (bit), MB.

Can you please help. What OS are you running and are you getting any error message or is it just not seeing the network at all ever? Hi Kamilo — can other devices connect to the same network? Hope these are adequate answers to your questions, Thanks again Maree. Solution to Access Denied error in Windows. I suggest you to install the Wireless adapter in Compatibility mode to check if it helps. My acer aspire E would connect to the internet fine and works really well.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver despite the tests showing the driver Atheros was not faulty. Still no change to the wifi availability though. I guess it needs a different card or something? This brings me to my question — do you think it might be a wireless card issue?

I had my laptop serviced yesterday and perhaps they did something inadvertently? Hi Maree — I am assuming that before you sent your laptop in for service the wifi was working ok? It may be the case that the required driver has either become corrupt or is out-of-date can happen if the OS is updated etc. I would suggest using the link on this page http: You can register the software to automate this if you prefer.

If it is not a driver issue come back to us and we will look into it further. I have done a driver scan and no problems were revealed.

I have also checked the properties of the Atheros driver through device manager, which claims: I had uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and there has been no change in the ability to find the wireless. The service that was done was to find the cause of my battery not charging any more.

While the laptop was being checked, they cleaned it and that was the extent of the service — no other installations have occured. I think the easiest option if it is not the WiFi Drivers would be to setup your network connection again.

Hi There.

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I really hope you can help! I used my wireless connection for a very long time and all of a sudden it just stoped working. I have the acer aspire one and use my blackberry as a hotspot. I restored factory settings to see if that might help, but no luck. Please please help?? Could this have been accidentally toggled?

Hey Mate, thanks for such an easy guide, you just solved my problem, which no one I know could solve. Does the Aspire XC, windows 8. I see no switch, icon or key to enable it. Select the Hardware tab 3. Click on the Device Manager button 4. Is the connection noticeably slower than on other devices using the same connection? Are you using wireless?

Hi can you please help I bought my daughter an acer aspire E15 for Christmas and the wifi was working fine until 3 days ago and now we have a wifi connection but it will not connect to the internet.

I am at my wits end as I do not know what to do as she needs this for school work. Have you tried connecting other devices to the wifi?

If the problem is not with the wifi then it is likely a wifi toggle switch either on the laptop itself or one of the function keys details in article.

I have the similar problem, i just bought one acer aspire e 15 as a gift for my son, but or it cannot detect my home wifi while can found neighbors , or detect my wifi, but cannot connect to it, or finally connect it but lost it in a few minutes, could you help me out.

You can run the free drivers scan using the download link — this will tell you the exact Wireless Drivers you need there are many different ones — you can then search for and install them yourself or register the software and let the program do it for you. Same as one question above: Noticed that my wifi button at top of the keyboard was not lit so thought the button had been toggled by accident.

Tried to open it up again but cannot. Any other thoughts? Hi Kate — have you rebooted since the problem happened? Is the connection definitely ok — have you tried connecting to the WiFi using another device?

All of my other devices work great on my network. Please help. My Acer aspire E has a problem with its wifi if i say conect it tells me windows is unable to connect why is that? My acer aspire wont connect with wifi, it say windows cant connect please help me why is that? My acer aspire showing wireless network but can not connect to it though was working fine till last night.

Wifi is put on by pressing the button at top left corner next to bluetooth button. The wi-fi option is not even available, it just lets me connect with a an ethernet cable to the router, that a computer uses. I have no idea which driver I should install, because when I went to change my adapter settings there was only Ethernet and nothing else.

What do I do to fix this problem. This has already happened another time, but at that time I turned of the laptop and turned it back on later that day, and everything was back to normal, meaning that I could connect to wireless connections. I have an acer aspire E15, it has 3 accounts on it mine, my partners and guest.

About a month ago it stopped connecting to the Internet wifi or Ethernet , once I ran the virus scan and updated the firewall it started working again. My brother in law was using my partners account to watch sky go and got logged out. After this the Internet isnt working at all.

Wifi or Ethernet. It cannot detect nor find internet connection and even WIFI. The status is always unavailable. Please help thanks! Hi Abel — this is most likely a Drivers issue as Windows 7 and Windows XP require different sets of Drivers — try the free Drivers scan link in article above — this will tell you if you have missing Drivers and provide you with their details.

Hi i have an acer travelmate its conects to to my wifi from my router but does not ask me for password? Hi Jason — it should be connecting to the internet via your WiFi — you may not have a password set up — have a look at the security settings as you should have one. Hi John — is your internet connection good enough to run the Drivers Scan? Was your connection better in the past — if so, can you think of any changes software install, updates etc.

My acer has always connected to my wifi but now is very temperamental. Mainly not pairing. All other laptops and phones do tho with no problem. Hope u can help. Hey, I was hoping you could give me a little more help? All other devices can connect to it including his DS. Do you have any other advice? Sorry for the bother. Hi Sarah — is your primary connection showing at all or showing and not connecting?

Solved by going to network connections in control panel and right clicking on wi-fi,to change disable to enable. I can reconnect but this keeps happening every couple minutes and is very annoying. I do not have this problem with any other devices. Does anyone know what is wrong and how to solve it? Hi Radha — this sounds like a power save issue. To fix this try turning off power save mode of the network adapter. It was working fine up until 3 hrs ago when bigot to work.

My phone is also connected to this same network. I called acer support and he had me restore system settings, uninstall a driver.

Acer TravelMate Windows XP & Vista Drivers

He also had me do the f3 to check airplane mode and also toggled the wifi on and off. Can I clarify that it was working ok on home network but not on work one? Can you tell us the model and OS.

I had slow wifi on my acer aspire e 15 for a couple years. I tried all the internet tips like power settings, updated the driver etc. Finally edited the wifi adapter settings and now it works properly for the first time. It may not work for you but might be worth a try. Good luck. Hi Joseph — was the wifi working previously?

Do you have a firewall enabled? Hi there I had bought acer aspire e laptop on January Its wifi is catching the signals and connecting to every wifi but from last week I am trying to connect to a wifi it is not connecting. After I enter the password and connect it says verifying and connecting and then says unable to connect to this network. It is not connecting even to a single wifi. Please help me too. I have a strange problem. I have tried: Hi Kamilo — can other devices connect to the same network?

Have you tried a wired connection to see if that works? Hi, I have acer aspire laptop, I am not able to connect to my university wifi. It is not even being detected, if at all detected it doesnt get connected. I am able to connect to other wifis and through lan cable.

Acer Travelmate Drivers Windows XP | Acer Support US

I checked with my it administrator, he checked all the firewall settings and everything, still not able to detect the college network. Also I tried reinstalling my OS, but that neither yielded any result. Hi APK — has it ever connected to the uni network?

Is it password protected and if so, have you double checked the password obvious I know but good to rule out!

What OS are you running and are you getting any error message or is it just not seeing the network at all ever? Hi, It previously used to connect to the university WiFi, now it at times detect it but not taking the security password.

Rechecked the key several times, and using windows 7. At times it gets detected and it is not detected most of the times, none is able to identify the reason for this.

I have Acer netbook at first it s shown WiFi but its not connecting with mobile hotspot but now I downloaded atheros, broad com, Intel drivers but I installed. Later I dint find my wifi on notification bar also driver installed also have problem.

Can you help me for solving this issue.

2490 acer driver travelmate wifi

My acer aspire E would connect to the internet fine and works really well. When they are using it lets say in the basement the pc works perfectly fine most of the time sometimes it disconnects with no one being in the house. This is a weird problem and i have been trying to fix this for a long time. I installed many drivers but nothing seems to work. Hi Just — is it seeing the wifi and just not connecting — what error are you seeing, if any?

Hi Guy — can I clarify — when you are connected on your acer and someone else connects to the wifi, you acer is cut off? If they are connected first and then you connect on the acer do they get cut off?

I recently bought a basic Acer One 14 model. I can connect to the internet wifi just fine, but it would lose its connection whenever I step out for a couple of minutes. I tried to do the first 2 steps you have suggested, but it still says No Networks Available even though my other devices are connected to the internet and working just fine.

Hope you can help me. I am really in trouble as I have to go restart my lap top and need to restore all my web site and open files again. It is started to happen just a month ago before it was ok I am using this since 6 months. Kindly advise me what to do? Plz reply me via e- Mail. Inappropriate distance from the router or obstruction. Follow the methods below and check if it works.

Method 1: Try these steps and see if it helps. Click on Device manager. Check if the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled. Right click on it and click on "Uninstall. Check the issue. Run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter The Network Adapter troubleshooter is an automated tool which will check the adapter in the computer for any known issues and provides the details and on how to fix them.

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Thank you for response. It did not help. What else can i try? Pawan Dhondiyal Replied on May 6, Hi, Thank you for posting your reply and update. Apologies for the delayed response. Compatibility mode Follow the steps below on how to install driver in compatibility mode: L2 1 MB.

For this reason, you might want to look up the list of appropriate os stated under right before accessing the Acer TravelMate driver under this content. Anyone who has Acer TravelMate should have contacted a situation wherever nothing at all occurs following installing the brand new os.

A damaged or missing driver may have activated this.

Driver acer wifi travelmate 2490

Existing energy disruptions, viruses or other computer problems can damage your Acer TravelMate Driver. We give the most recent download links including applications, guides, people or firmware. When your Acer TravelMate page masses, Please use tabs to locate among different types of web content.