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This is a sample script for uploading files to Google Drive using Javascript. The files are uploaded by Drive API v3. can create an. We had the same problem - and therefore developed a web service for anonymous uploading into the website owner's Google Drive. In the Authorized JavaScript origins field, enter the URL http://localhost You can leave Create a file named and copy in the following code.

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4 days ago or upload Google Drive files in your web app with the Google Picker. . src="">. Use the "Save to Drive" button on your web site to allow users to save files to their" async defer>. There are only 3 files you need to create which are, google- and, the remaining files are external.

I actually never upload any videos into my account. Shahan Syed. After you create the uploader - embedding is done with the code like: If you're not already logged in to your Google account, the window prompts you to log in. Unfortunately the sample code given require an online connection. Hi, after i change client id and login, in console say that on line have error Uncaught TypeError:

Or just download the demo files and see it how it works. Hello, I have setup your demo and it's working great, except for uploading certain types of files. I can upload. However, when I try to upload some other file types, I get the following error: Is it possible to enable the upload of ALL file types.

Thank you! Hi Vlad, On the javascript looks for the following variable and set it to false. Hi I am using localhost and I m not able to upload.

Only images are getting added. Please suggest Reply. Hi Liza, Just disable the ocr: Look for the wording OCR in the javascript file. Thanks Andy for this wonderful package. You reduced my effort: Hi, I have trouble downloading files using javascript API.

Hi Phu, make sure the scope of your apps permission is set to full permission otherwise you will get this error. Thanks Reply. Hi Sorav, Sorry for the late reply.

You may want to reference this API documentation. Alternatively, you want to use query q keyword to help sorting the number of files. Mare Verde. To try the quickdemo you say: If you want to try the demo, you can simply login on the google site and link your account to this app. I am newbie to google apps. Can you please be more specific? Please just ignore this, I have removed the content to avoid confusion.

Just use the demo file instead. Hi, after i change client id and login, in console say that on line have error Uncaught TypeError: Hi Martin, could you please check if you do not accidentally remove any extra code line?

Or have you set the permission correctly? I am getting the same error Reply. Hi Robin, Please see the following quick demo example. Hi Andy, i'm getting the same error of them Cannot read property 'length' of undefined … i just commented lines and and it worked for me Hi Pablo, It seems to me that the textContentURL is null, i just modify the code to include this to make sure it doesnt return error.

It seems to go in infinite loop for such docs. Any suggestions? Anmol Maini. Hey andy, Is there any way I can sign into a particular user's account on the client side, without their interaction Reply. Hi Anmol, Unfortunately you will need user interaction in order to get a list of their files.

Please let me know what I have missed. Looking forward for your reply. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the page must be declared in the document or in the transfer protocol. Hi Ilias, Possible to put it on a live url so I can actually see what is wrong?

Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial which has saved me lots of time. Thanks again for sharing. Hi Andy, Thanks for tutorial, it's work fine to me. How create fetch url for streaming video in gdrive? I actually never upload any videos into my account. Try copy this url and paste it into the browser and see if it works. Make sure the link is visible for public. Thank the code, but i need user offline. Unfortunately the sample code given require an online connection. You may want to see the example given on google site by writing it on console windows application example.

Vo Tuong. You misunderstood yourself then. I want to use my token and consumers can use to upload files to my drive, not the drive's account of consumers. Hi Vo, Try have a look on this article? Nice article. I am try to do OCR also. I do get response in json format. Just search for the OCR option in the code and set it to true, i think i set it into false as in the code.

Hey i have a question Is this possible http: Things u showed here man god bless u i have searched for weeks Reply. How can i when i delete something that it goes to trash and it won't be showed??? Hi Soruc, as far as I know, it should place it into the trash folder. It doesnt delete them permanently. Just wonder have you tested and it didnt go to trash folder?

Drive javascript using from file google

After i tested i needed to be sure if it deleted permanently or trash it skips the trash. If the target is a folder, all descendants owned by the user are also deleted. Try it now. Hi Selim, just follow the advice made by Keesje. Just add the trash keyword in this line: For more info on this please refer to this page. Thanks Keesje ;- Reply. I have same question as Vlad. Where do i have to put the types of the files i want to upload.??? I want to upload powerpoint.

And if i have more types how do i add it???? In the javascript code, try set the 'mimeType': This is specified by the document reference in google api. Actually i just place back the demo link. Try upload the file using the demo link i put it on the site at the end of the article. I have tried from ur demo link and when i try to add an pptx i got the error: Failed to load resource: Hi Keesje, Is it possible that you can use web tools or fiddler to get the error message when you upload the file?

How big is the file?

How to Host Files Using Google Drive

Or is there a way that you can create a dummy google mail account and send me the login details? I will upload some test pptx file. How can I use drag drop for upload And select and upload more than 1 file at the time??? I have found a script dropzone. Can u help me with this problem. Sorry that I never use it before. But the logic on how to use it should be the same like the Jquery drag and drop. For the multi file upload, you may be able to place the files into an array and upload the remaining files once the previous file is completed.

See the sample of multiple uploads with queue method i use on this example. I've downloaded the zip file, unziped them, and uploaded them to a web server. In addition, I've completed step 1 and put the client id in the google-drive. Could you tell me how to run this? When I open google-drive. You will learn almost all of the basic of the Google Drive features in 60 minutes.

Add the "Save to Drive" button | Drive REST API | Google Developers

I will include the step by step explanation and features that will be included on this tutorial. How to create your first Google Drive apps. Layout a login panel and google drive directories and files. Features like creating and deleting folder, upload and delete, browse folder, show shared folders and files, show upload progress, preview images in lightbox, convert uploaded file to google doc or OCR readable, show the user information and add the logout link.

Hi WeiHsiung, i have removed all the text from the sample demo. So it will now only include the demo text only. Exactly the same with the sample demo page. Would you like to try use this version? Is it possible to show files that I shared with the gmail account that uses this code??? Is it possible to see files that I shared? Hi Dave, Unfortunately there is no option in the search parameters.

However you may able to include the owners in the query parameter. See this parameters API: I try to use multiple uploads at once. But failed. Can you help me how to do it. I looked into the link you shared with the same question as this but didnt come far. Anton Hilman.

From google using javascript drive file

Sorry for the late reply, Unfortunately anonymous is not supported. Hey Andy, First of all thnx for this great piece of work. I have 1 question.

Using file javascript from google drive

I Have the same question as MrSik. I try to implement drag and drop but failed. Is there a easy way? Can u help me with this problem? Abhijit Roy. Abhishek Sharma. Really thanx for this and thanx for your efforts for this it works like charm: The data will be save into my GDrive. How to make it save into any logged in user's account? Are we still using the same API?

You can test this by creating a new gmail account and try it. Shahan Syed. You are amazing for putting this together for the community! You are what keeps our dev community thriving! Hello, great job. Glad you get it works ;- Reply.

Hi Yashesh There is a share button available in the demo to show only share files. You can get the path of the link share file, but users still need to login in order to get the link working. What i mean users in here are persons that you share the files with. HI andy How r u?

Hi Noman, I am not quite sure if it can be done, try copy the jw player scripts in the same folder where your google drives are hosted and paste the link of the file into your JW code and see if it can be played. Michael joyner. Andy, have you worked with the V3 api? Michael Joyner. Andy, I was getting this error when I ran in Chrome. Refused to display 'https: Hi Michael, I havent worked on version 3 yet. I look into the quick documentation, seems to be pretty similar. Regarding with the chrome message issue.

Did you get this when you try to load my demo page on this site? I was running the example from my IDE localhost: We have developed a product for Dropbox that we are porting to Google Drive and I would like to know if your situation could allow professional help.

We have a knowledgeable staff I would just feel more comfortable if we had someone that we could consult with if we got stuck. Let me know, you have my email address. Hello Andy, Thanks for your tutorial. I got this error message when I tried to run the application: The target origin provided 'file: Can I know why I got this error message?

Hello Andy, I did fix the issue I was facing. Ok that is great. Usually this issue came when your api url address is not match with the current url address you test. Is it possible to download a whole folder? Hi Miles, Not as far as i know. Even in the google drive itself, you cant download the whole folder. Hi Andy, I was getting this error when I ran in Chrome and firefox.

Display the Drive file picker

Hello Andy, i get this error I have now included the image on above article. First thanks so much for posting an example of usage with google drive. This maybe a stupid question but I was searching for docs that would explain this "gapi.

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Like you have ". But how did you know to put ". I have seen other examples for people that do "people. Trying to figure out the structure of the javascript client and if there is actually any documentation to it that tells how to access the various APIs.

Thanks again for the help: Angela Reply. See this link under the File: List specs https: Hi Sairam, I can confirm that the demo page still work fine. I just tested the page now. You are using oauth1. I thought google deprecated oauth1 and moved onto oauth2.

Google Drive API using Javascript

But oauth1 still works here.. Not sure whats happening. What all difference do i have to make to port it into oauth2. Hi Manu, It is actually use oauth2, if you see the actual source script from javascript. I have modified the code to use the following example, so it doesnt confuse you.

Hey, I know that it's an old post, but i'm desperate to find a solution for mu problem. As far as I can see, you are familiar with drive api. May be you could help me with this. I have public folder view only and trying to get folders content. Hi Alexei, based on the error you have, it looks like you do not have the access to folder. Could you try to change the scope in your scope to this and see if it works fine.

Try this, copy the download example file and replace with your own key. But make sure you set the scope permission correctly and try run the page and see if it works. Yes it was set correctly. Have you set it up available in a website url? Have you tried the recommendation i said before where you just copy the demo file provided and replace the API key with your own? When i try Upload Error: Hi Dimas, I have fixed the problem, there is a bit of issue on getting the access token when using oauth 2.

Google Drive API using Javascript

You can try the demo or download the latest files. One you have authentication set up the code below is how you can upload a document.

You can also use a 'PUT' request. See this link for more information: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you agree to our terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy. The results are in! See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey.

User uploaded file to google drive via javascript? Ask Question. Jacob Guthrie Jacob Guthrie 28 1 1 4. After you create the uploader - embedding is done with the code like: Because the component is responsive - it is perfect also for Wordpress or Google Sites websites. Klokan Technologies Klokan Technologies 1, 10 Does this control support callback? Reference the API key gapi. Display the results on the screen.

Execute the API request request. I'd really recommend trying a simple Google Search before asking questions. I found the answer to both of your questions through Google with very minimal effort. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

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