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Adding an external hard drive to your DirecTV digital video recorder can increase your unit's storage capacity, allowing you to record more of your favorite shows. There's no way to transfer recordings to an external hard drive or PC. . How do I wirelessly connect my DirecTV DVR to my NAS to store. DirecTV allows customers with the appropriate DVR equipment to transfer and view on the back of your DVR to connect a compatible external hard drive.

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A DirecTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a handy tool for recording and storing TV programs. An avid TV viewer can quickly fill a DVR to capacity, especially. If you want to back up your show recordings onto your computer or other device, you need to record the DirecTV HD DVR content onto an external hard drive. If one terabyte of recording space isn't enough for you, you may be wishing that you could upgrade that DIRECTV DVR with a larger hard drive.

The only thing I could have done differently would have been to have purchased it earlier. Message 7 of There's a problem loading this menu right now. Check to confirm there is no personal information in the post. Jan 4, 5 of Show details. Adding an external hard drive to your DirecTV digital video recorder can increase your unit's storage capacity, allowing you to record more of your favorite shows and store space-consuming high-definition programming for later viewing.

Depends on how crazy you are expecting to record, but I wouldn't go more than a 4TB external to be reasonable for recordings and cost.

Recordings cannot be transferred to a new box, they are locked to the one that recorded them. Using an external doesn't change that. But you can pair the external with the replacement box so you still have increased space. Directv doesn't have an option to wireless connect to storage.

They support an eSATA external hard drive with fan enclosure. So the external drive must be wired to the Directv box. Wireless is not allowed.

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I currently have DISH network and have been going through the painful process of switching to Direct TV signed up Oct 10 and Direct TV tech has either not shown up or has refused to do install on 6 separate occasions.

Is this true or another lie from an overzealous customer service agent trying to make his sales quota? If that is exactly what you were told, then that was a huge lie told by the sales agent. DirecTV is a good service, but it is agents like those that ruin the good name. Unlike Dish there is no hard drive activation fee. As such there is no transfer of recordings. Plugging in an external HDD, disables the internal one to protect against someone trying to transfer recordings by some 3rd party method.

New recordings will overwrite anything that was on the HDD. Even if recordings were transferable, the equipment is proprietary including software format. DirecTV and Dish software is not compatible. Support up to 2TB external, which is a hard cap.

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Genie-2 HS17 has 2TB. Can use external but nothing has been listed as max supported. So like the regular Genie may just be however much you want. For this reason this model is highly NOT recommended.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. Product look good and was easy to install. I only gave it 4 stars cause of the following: This annoyed the hell out of me and there are two of them. Had to cover them with black electrical tape to hide them from view. You do not need these activity lights if that's what they are, I will know unit is working if I can see my recorded programs.

Just a on light would of been plenty that does not blink. Changed my review to 5 stars for the following reason. Just take out the 4 screws, lift the lid and there is the plug for the lights. Just unplug it and no more lights annoying you.

Adding an External Hard Drive to Directv Receiver HR54-700

If you buy one and the lights bother you too send support a message and I am sure they will send you the. I would link it but since it's a. I do love this device. This should allow me to be able to record "all" the programs I need to facilitate time shifting, binge watching, and the occasional slip into sleep while watching programs.

The device was packaged well and included all the cables and instructions for connecting it to the DVR I'll leave that reading to you. I did this and 2-days later all the erased series I'd previously recorded were restored. No hassle installation, and flawless operation at low cost. I had just decided to change our satellite tv provider and needed much more program recording capacity than DIRECT TV could provide with their own system. I reviewed a number of websites and learned about the DVRdaddy and checked it out on Amazon.

The 25 rewiews and solid 5 star ratings were very encouraging to me, so I placed my order and received it two days later. Neither the technical support staff at DIRECT TV nor the installation technician who installed the system for 8 TVs in my house had heard about DVRdaddy, but when I shared the Amazon reviews, and some of the technical specifications with them, they were both interested. No problems at all in the following 6 days, and I have been able to schedule, record and play over 20 hours of tv programming so far.

I highly recommend this unit. One person found this helpful.

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Works like a charm. Very simple installation - just plug-in to the back of the DVR with the eSata cable and restart. Operation is seamless, you won't see any difference between the function of the DVRdaddy drive and your DVR's internal drive. Please note that if you have any existing recordings on your DVR, you won't be able to access them while the external DVRdaddy drive is plugged in.

With this setup, it's either one or the other, you can't access both drives simultaneously. Funny and true story - a DirecTV tech visited my house last week to make an adjustment on my dish and he discovered the DVRdaddy and asked me what it was. I was hesitant to tell him for fear he would warn me that it would damage the equipment or some other similar remark. To my pleasant surprise, he asked me how it worked, where he could get one himself, and said it was about the coolest thing he'd ever heard of.

The unit arrived as advertised and the the instructions for installation were simple and actually worked as described. This was the easiest set up for any component I have ever had. It is true that the installation process is fool proof and only took me 10 minutes max!

The only thing I could have done differently would have been to have purchased it earlier. This is absolutely a great product and installs and operates as described! The set-up was easy; the moment the DVR is energized it recognized the external drive right away and the DVR proceeded to format the space.

This DVR Expander is chosen for it own cooling system to keep the hard-drive from heat exposure since it will be used to store TV programs for a long time. They made this a no-brainer to install.

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Jan 4, 4 of Jan 4, 5 of Jan 4, 6 of Jan 4, 7 of Mar 29, 8 of I made a video with all the needed info from start to finish and what happens when you add or remove the drive. Mar 30, 9 of Apr 2, 10 of Sorry in advance for the noob question - I am about to request an upgrade to the HR from a HR34 , is it safe to assume that if I get a 4TB external drive at the time of install and connect it to the HR54 that would be the best course of action, to avoid having to switch back and forth once the internal drive is full?

Apr 2, 11 of That would be my recommendation. The external drive replaces, does not supplement, the internal drive. So if your plan is to use an external drive I would do so before I made any recordings I wanted to watch. Apr 3, 12 of