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How do I sync my Polar V with the Polar Flow app? Before syncing make sure : You have a Polar account and have downloaded and. If V sync doesn't start in FlowSync or you get a “Connection error. Connection to Polar product lost.” error message, try the following steps one at a time. To install drivers for your Polar IR Interface for USB port, download the following Polar to the installation folder of Polar Precision Performance.

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Electronics, Lighting, & Gadgets - Polar v USB problem - hi I'm see the device when you connect it, so it never installs the device driver. Download the latest drivers for your Polar USB Interface to keep your Computer up-to-date. upgraded to polar v will not sync. roll back to and it works. have deleted polar flow sync software and redownloaded reset pc removed polar v in device manager and reinstalled but. Windows 10; /; Devices & drivers. Image .

The v charges but isn't recognized by Polar FlowSync. That is what I have done just now with McAffee on my machine Unplug all other USB devices from your computer. User Manual in Finnish web. User Manual in Chinese, Traditional pdf. User Manual in Hungarian pdf. But repeating the same sequence each time does work for me.

Getting Started Guide in Danish pdf. Getting Started Guide in Finnish pdf. Getting Started Guide in Czech pdf.

Getting Started Guide in Chinese, Traditional pdf. Getting Started Guide in Slovenian pdf. Getting Started Guide in Italian pdf. User Manual in Polish pdf. User Manual in Polish web. User Manual in Swedish pdf.

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User Manual in Swedish web. User Manual in German pdf. User Manual in German web. User Manual in Italian pdf. User Manual in Italian web.

User Manual in Russian pdf. User Manual in Russian web. User Manual in Hungarian pdf. User Manual in Hungarian web. User Manual in Danish pdf. User Manual in Danish web.

User Manual in Japanese pdf. User Manual in Japanese web. User Manual in French pdf. User Manual in French web. User Manual in Portuguese pdf. User Manual in Portuguese web. User Manual in Turkish pdf. Try a different USB cable. Yes I know it works elsewhere.

Try to use one that is known to work on the PC. Visit bikepro's homepage! Find More Posts by bikepro.

Polar v650 driver

Seattle Forrest. I agree with trying a different combination of USB cable and port. Even if they've worked individually. Also stay on your girlfriend's good side. Visit Seattle Forrest's homepage! Find More Posts by Seattle Forrest. I'm going through the same problem. When I first connected I got a message that the drivers were not found and it wouldn't connect. Moved to a different port, same thing. Uninstalled and reinstalled Polar Flow, same problem.

Called Polar tech support and went through the same gyrations, same result. Finally after reinstalling and rebooting the computer with the V attached and turned on while rebooting I got it to work Next time I tried same problem. You'd think a company the size of Polar could figure out how to get a simple usb connection to work, but apparently not. I also have a Polar V and M and they both work flawlessly, so I'm sure it's not my computer. If anyone finds a solution please post.

Find More Posts by BruceT. A lot of this going around.

Polar v USB problem

Having the same problem. Tried on a PC running Windows 10 and two Macs running The v charges but isn't recognized by Polar FlowSync. When I contacted Polar support I received the following message.

We will do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Find More Posts by bonebike. I am having the same problem - last successful sync was in June!

V650 driver polar

Find More Posts by cricri3j. Did anyone find a solution to this? I am having the exact same problem and Polar support has been unable to help me.

They have now sent me a brand new unit and cable, which gives the exact same result. Like BruceT, I had gotten to work once, and was able to register the unit and therefore use the mobile app thereafter , but with the brand new unit, I can't even do that. I am stumped and frustrated.

Last edited by lytleric; at Find More Posts by lytleric. I own a Polar V Here is what you need to do for Windows. Make sure your Polar is connected to the PC and powered on.

Start the FlowSync application. This will bring up the Computer Management console. The Device Manager interface will appear in the right hand pane.

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Try the other USB port s. Make sure Bonjour Service is running and its status is Started. Use Search Window to open Services application. Click Bonjour Service and Start the service or click Restart the service. The mDNSResponder. Below you can see an example from F-secure. Close all other running software, including the ones that start automatically when you start your computer. Disable all other software except for FlowSync Windows 7: Restart your computer and make sure Apple Bonjour service is still running: Click Bonjour service and Restart the service.

Try syncing your V again. Unplug all other USB devices from your computer. Restart your computer keeping your V connected to the computer.

Retry syncing. Use Search Window to open Device Manager.