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We continue to receive a large number of private hire driver applications every or debit cards by completing the appropriate section in the application form. The Completed PHV/ PCO Licence Application Form including your CRB Photocopy of your current DVLA Driving licence or your EEA licence and the. PCO License For Uber In London – Documents Needed To Apply: 1. You have to be 21 or older and have a driving license for at least three years. TFL have a very convenient online form and takes you through all the necessary steps and.

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Applying for a PCO Licence can seem complicated, but is actually quite Complete the application form on the TfL Website. PCO License application form (PHV/) including your DBS reference number. A photocopy of your DVLA driving licence or EEA driving licence and GB. If you want to apply for taxi or private hire driver's licence, here are the To apply for a Taxi drivers licence, please complete the application form once you have.

The money goes directly into your bank account along with an invoice detailing all the trips. You will most likely have your blood pressure checked, pass an eye test and asked a few questions about your health, do you smoke or drink and stuff like that. Your car needs to be under five years old, and should comfortably seat between four and eight people. Find Your Course. Read through the reason s for the refusal and if you think you think this is the wrong decision then make sure you use your right of appeal, and make sure you do this as soon as possible. What is the Topographical Assessment? They pretty much pay for you to get the license and provide an incentive to drive for Uber.

PCO (Private Hire Driver Licence) - Get Licensed UK

Southampton's licence conditions require such vehicles to be a colour other than white. Application forms and supporting documents must be submitted by the applicant in person at the licensing office at the Civic Centre, when the forms for disclosure of any criminal record and a check of your driving history with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will be completed.

In order to undertake this part of the process you must be able to conclusively prove your identity to our satisfaction. We will not expect your medical certificate to be more than three months old at the date of grant of any licence.

Private hire drivers' licences

Please note that the evidence of passing the basic skills assessment and driving skills assessment must be submitted prior to the submission of the application form. If you do not actively pursue your application for six months or more, we will treat it as having been withdrawn. You will need to start again if you later wish to become a licensed driver.

It is also the policy of the city council that all licensed drivers obtain a BTech qualification in transporting passengers by taxi and private hire vehicle within six months of the grant of their licence. Exceptionally, in the case of applicants for a restricted licence to drive specialist private hire vehicles, it may not be necessary for the applicant to complete the topography test.

Get Licenced. What is the PCO Licence? Topographical Skills Assessment are conducted under exam conditions by TfL assessors. Find out more about the topographical skills assessment and how to book at a TfL-approved centre on the TfL Website Topographical Assessment with Uber If you wish to be become an Uber driver you will have an option of taking your topographical assessment at the Uber Ignition Centre which is based in London.

Costs may vary. Please note Costs can vary depending on your choice of provider. Don't wait too long! Make as much money as you want Being an Uber Driver is a quick and easy way to make money, with a lot of drivers actually earning a full time living as an Uber Driver.

Easy and user-friendly app The Uber app is as easy as just a tap and go. Do you need training to be an Uber Driver? The Uber Ignition' session can take up to four hours and involves the following: How much can you make as an Uber Driver? What vehicle will you need to become an Uber driver?

Application pco driver form licence

Find Your Course. Find your course. FAQs Q. Why do i need a PCO Licence?

Private hire drivers' licences

If you wish to work for a private operator as a driver or chauffer, it is a legal requirement for you to hold a valid PCO Licence. There is no simple answer. Then you need to factor in other elements of the application form. How long is the PCO Licence valid for? If you wait more than 3 months, you will need to re-apply from scratch.

What is the English test? For the full list of exemptions, click here.

What is the medical test? The test will check your reactions, coordination, memory and so on. See more on: DVLA Group 2 medical standards. What is the Topographical Assessment? How old must I be to become an Uber driver?

New PCO-Licence Application Forms

You must be at least 21 years old to be an approved Uber driver. How much does an Uber driver earn per hour? This also includes tips. What insurance will I need to become an Uber driver? You'll need to have the correct insurance when working as an Uber driver, and even if you're already insured to drive your vehicle, you may not be covered to use your vehicle for work or business use, so check your documentation.

Form licence pco driver application

It is not a big deal to get one. Most certified topographical centers are pretty lenient when it comes to licensing, so the actual test is nothing to worry about. They test you on map reading ability, route selection in local and long distance trips and general topographical skills where you have to name a few counties surrounding London, for example.

Get Your London PCO License For Uber - TFL Private Hire License

Nothing to worry about. They pretty much pay for you to get the license and provide an incentive to drive for Uber. Nice, huh? According to TFL all Private Hire and Taxi drivers are required to possess a certain level of English language proficiency to be able to transport the public from point A to point B and be able to read the road signs and announcements and communication from TFL. Private hire drivers heavily criticized the English language requirement, and Uber filed a lawsuit to question its legitimacy.

It is valid even if you were born and raised in an English-speaking country. Go figure! Here are all the documents that TFL accepts as evidence of your English language proficiency:.

They both can issue the needed certificates and are accredited by TfL to do so. There might be some more schools added to the list soon, and I will try to keep you updated if any new information arises. It might be faster for you, although I decided to be a cheapskate and did it on my own. Usually, it takes about a month to month and a half for TFL to make a decision whether they should grant you the driving license or not.

Licence application driver form pco

In some cases, it might take over 3 or 4 months if you failed the medical or the topographical tests or there is some inconsistency with the application.