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Zelotes gaming mouse driver

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ZELOTES C-8 Gaming Mosue Driver · Download ZELOTES C Gaming Mouse Driver(Chs-Eng-Ger_Jap) · Download. C6 Gaming Mosue Driver · Download · C12 Gaming Mouse Driver( Chs-Eng-Ger_Jap) C11 Gaming Mosue Driver(Chinese) If any of the race owns a Zelotes C gaming mouse, and have the tiny I cannot find the drivers/software for this mouse anywhere online.

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I bought a new gaming mouse and it arrived today (zelotes t90) its a cheap Its supposed to be a plug and play type mouse so no drivers were. Instruction of ZELOTES (In English) DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse 1. This mouse is intelligent connectivity, no need to code, plug & play (No need CD driver). Buy Zelotes T90 USB Wired Gaming Mouse - ///// DPI High Precision Optical LED Gaming Mouse - 8 Buttons for Pro Gamer with.

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Gaming mouse driver zelotes

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Gaming mouse driver zelotes

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This topic has been locked. Hi, I understand that this is steam forums and not a tech forum but i need help. I bought a new gaming mouse and it arrived today zelotes t90 its a cheap mouse and it looked and sounded great on amazon. The only problem is that it dosent work.

When i plug it in nothing happens and the mouse is unresponsive. As well as when i check device manager its not listed. Its as if the mouse isnt being recognized by my laptop.

Its supposed to be a plug and play type mouse so no drivers were installed when plugged in the first time. I need help because i really dont feel like returning this because im lazy thanks in advance. Last edited by Report and Deport Peru ; 4 Apr, Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments.

Have you tried inserting it into different machines?

Then it sounds like the mouse is DOA. I'm afraid. I think I have the same mouse.