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IMPORTANT. The software on this page is compatible with the following currently supported products. SpaceMouse® Enterprise; SpacePilot® Pro. IMPORTANT. Welcome to the 3Dconnexion archived software page. Please. SpaceMouse Pro is the latest addition to 3Dconnexion's line of professional 3D Download the latest drivers to tap out the full potential of your 3Dconnexion.

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The SpaceMouse Compact was developed to deliver an intuitive, effortless and 3DxWare 10 is the single driver foundation for all your 3Dconnexion devices. IMPORTANT. Welcome to the 3Dconnexion legacy software page. Please select your product and operating system from the drop down list. Users of. If your product is not listed, please visit the archived drivers and software page to see the SpaceMouse Enterprise; SpacePilot Pro; SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.

Other Application Name. Increase Productivity and Profitability Using a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse is proven to increase productivity and precision. I would like to receive information from 3Dconnexion on new products, software updates and special offers. Other Application Name. Remember Me. Account type Business Private.

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Mouse driver connexion space 3d

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3Dconnexion: SpaceMouse

What is a SpaceMouse? The SpaceMouse takes care of positioning your model or view and providing access to your favourite application commands, freeing up your normal mouse to do what it was designed for — moving the cursor to select, edit and create. Not only does this balanced and co-operative work-style simply feel good, it enhances comfort by reducing mouse use and increases productivity. Click here for a short demo video. Dig deeper and learn more.

Comfort — Kiss that pain goodbye.

Mouse 3d driver space connexion

Not for wrist, arm and hand pain that puts you out of commission. Our family of SpaceMouse products are proven to reduce pain and fatigue thanks to the natural two-handed work-style that means you move and click your normal mouse a lot less while achieving a lot more.

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Independent studies show that users:. Minimize muscle fatigue Both right and left hand motions were reduced by nearly two-thirds, meaning dramatically less muscle fatigue 2.

Mouse 3d driver space connexion

Ergonomic Efficiency Testing Two-Handed vs. Productivity — Work faster, deliver more. Increase Productivity and Profitability Using a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse is proven to increase productivity and precision.

Space 3d mouse driver connexion

The SpaceMouse gives you a deeper connection to your model, increasing error detection and design quality. That means you and your team produce more and higher quality deliverables on deadline.

Supported Operating Systems

Consider some numbers. Saving per engineer per year.

Technology — Under the hood.