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The DJI GHz Datalink is designed for use with the DJI Ground Station iPad app or Note: Please download the GHz Bluetooth DataLink Assistant Driver . DJI Datalink Driver Installer(for G Bluetooth). supports Windows XP or above ( 32bit/64bit). ZIP · EXE. * Notice: 1. Ground Station Software. I have the DJI driver installed (all my other assistants operate normally), and I've Datalink OLD is designed to use with PC Ground Station.

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Download apps such as DJI Assistant 2 at the DJI Download Center. G Bluetooth Datalink & iPad Ground Station User Guide v G Bluetooth DataLink Assistant Installer v (Stop distributing and updating). PC with Wondows10 do not recognize datalink.-Driver installed-DJI G Bluetooth Datalink Assistant installedDatalink assistant do not.

Okay, thanks. I flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday and took pictures. This post contains all the essential information and more on the DJI Assistant 2 app for the Mavic quadcopter. Connect the remote control to the computer to run a simulation application Throttle Lock: Did you turn the mavic on before plugging in the USB cord.

This should be the SD card on the mavic.

Open removable drive Open the DCIM folder Inside this folder will be the videos, photos and some other files that are for the flight data. If this isn't working the first thing I would suggest is making sure you use the micro USB cable that came with the mavic. Now I bought the fly more kit, mine came with a cable.

I don't know if the standard kit had a cable with it or not? I guess the point is try another micro USB cable. Some cheaper cables only support power for charging and don't support the wires needed for data transfer. Side Note: It's good to have the DJI assistant installed anyway, firmware updates are faster to download on your home computer on wifi then using a cell phone.

You can also update the mavic separate from the controller, or both at the same time. Refer to the manual for how to update both at the same time.

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I don't remdner what one needs plugged in to the computer, the controller or the mavic for updating both. But I update them them separate anyway. I plug in the mavic first and update the firmware, reboot the mavic, confirm the firmware version then turn off then mavic. Then plug in the controller and turn it on, then update the controller separate. Confirm the firmware version after it's done and you reboot it.

In the app click on the firmware menu for this. Using the DJI assistant and powering on and plugging in each device separate you can also confirm the firmware currently installed.

Last edited: Mar 13, Thanksf for the suggestions. I have tried your suggestions and a few more, but still am having problems. The closest I've come is hacking the registry files to allow unsigned drivers to install.

However, this only works until you re-boot your computer and I still can't download the photos on the registry files. At least I can download the log files and re-calibrate the vision sensors. If I reboot the computer I then have to again hack the registry files and re-install the Assistant 2 program.

DJI iPad Ground Station + GHz Bluetooth Data Link Build Your Own Drone

I contacted DJI and hopefully they will have a permanent solution. If they do I'll post it. Bunny Too Moderator Staff member. Joined Feb 7, Messages 5, Reaction score 2, Yea, at this point it shouldn't be that hard to do. No need to hack the register and stuff. Troubleshooting rule number one, try a different computer. If the same thing happens on multiple computers it may be a mavic issue and then you can at least prove it to DJI that way. Did anyone mention to turn off the antivirus temporarily and then try it?

Some antivirus programs try to scan the content on USB mass storage devices that are plugged in, and the Mavic me not like that. Also if you're using USB port 3. I know it sounds weird, but trouble shooting is sometimes about thinking outside the box and I've seen weirder stuff happened. But it could be a software issue on the mavic not properly mounting the SD card as a mass storage sharing over USB.

Data link driver dji

Since your USB seem to be part of the possible issue, I would try to do a reset to stock settings and update the firmware on the mavic.

If it still does the same stuff on more then one computer after a clean install of the firmware and reset the odd call it a mavic hardware problem.

Man, I don't miss tech support anymore, or PC desktop platform engineering. Wait, I don't miss windows, yea that's it. Unfortunately I bought a Windows PC last year for some video editing software and portability, but when it screws up I go back to the trustee Mac And Linux. Kilrah Well-Known Member. Once you do it seems to intercept the functionality and you can't access the card anymore.

Errr, I forgot to ask one question. Is this a work computer or laptop? Some companies, ok a lot of companies for security reasons install software that can block USB mass storage to prevent data leakage and theft. Just figured I would throw that last part in the mix. But if it is a work computer they won't disable this security software or policy for you, but then trying another computer should work.

Keep us posted and good luck. User selectable DIP switches allow you to tune the monitor's receiver to the cleanest channel. Analog RF signal Input If reception between the SkyVision and your wireless transmitter weakens, the monitor will display the incoming video signal with a bit of snow instead of defaulting to a blank or blue screen.

Onscreen Menu Use the SkyVision's onscreen menu for convenient access to all of the setting configurations and advanced tools. Front panel buttons enable easy navigation within the menu and submenus. Monitor Tools The Check Field mode helps you calibrate the monitor by displaying only the selected color onscreen. Choose from red, green, blue, or mono for a grayscale image.

The Focus Tool helps you determine the areas of the image that are in focus by increasing the sharpness and contrast of the monitor and exaggerating in-focus areas of the picture. Select from the presets , , and K to optimize the screen's color temperature. Advanced users can also configure a custom setting. Selectable aspect ratios allows you to scale the onscreen image to fit either If you're shooting on a DSLR, use the Camera mode to scale the incoming video signal to fill the screen.

The buttons on the front of the monitor function as quick shortcuts to Camera, Focus, and Check Field modes, the safety frame and center markers, and the onscreen volume bar.

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The monitor can display menu features in the following languages: Monitor Features The included collapsible sunshade prevents glare on the monitor's screen. It is removable and fits on any optional 7" Skyvision monitor from Elvid. It's easy to monitor your incoming audio signal with the SkyVision, whether it's from the built-in speaker or the 3.

Volume is adjustable via the shortcut buttons or the onscreen menu. The built-in battery plate accommodates Sony L-series type batteries.

DJI iPad Ground Station + GHz Bluetooth Data Link

The LED power indicator provides a visual confirmation when the SkyVision is in standby mode or ready to go. DJI 2. Relays Bluetooth signal from iPad to aircraft and features a range of up to ' line-of-sight Use in conjunction with Ground Station app for iOS to create a portable control platform for beyond visual range BVR flying Supported flight control systems include: Based on DJI's accumulation of historic and reliable information integration technology, the iOSD Mini can grab the most accurate first-hand flight data information in the shortest amount of time.

It can display power voltage, flight velocity, height, distance from the home point, horizontal attitude, GPS satellite number and more. By doing this, the pilot can achieve double video alternation during flight and can also set one video input source for the aerial camera and the other one for FPV. This will ensure that the nose direction of the aircraft is under control and that your aircraft will safely return after filming sessions.

The transmitter works in the ISM frequency band of 5. What's New for Version 2. Redesigned Radio Controller The radio controller more commonly known as a transmitter in RC lingo has been updated with some notable additions: Left Dial: Use this to operate the tilt function of a Zenmuse gimbal Trainer Port: Connect the remote control to the computer to run a simulation application Throttle Lock: Pull down the throttle stick to descend; the stick will lock into place and the aircraft will descend steadily.

Driver dji data link

Foregoing AAs, the transmitter now runs on a built-in LiPo battery. Use the micro-USB port to recharge the built-in battery. The new motors offer: Up to g per axis more thrust than the previous design The single wire stator design improves motor efficiency and its ability to withstand a larger current New bearings, with a higher durability and ability to withstand greater impacts, are used to avoid damage in the event of an accident New insulation coating powder is used to improve the stator voltage capacity, helping extend the working life and stability of the motor A new ESC electronic speed controller - ESC v2.

Combined with the new motors, up to g per axis of thrust has been achieved - especially beneficial when flying with a heavy payload Improved Compass The compass is now encased in a protective shell, and features added protection against static interference. Features Minimal Assembly Required Those used to other RC aircraft will appreciate the Phantom 2 requires only basic assembly using a screw driver and supplied wrench.

You will just need to attach the rotors, skids, and a few other small parts. Once assembled, however, you will need to be sure to follow all of the calibration steps to ensure correct operation of the GPS autopilot system before flying Includes Transmitter Radio Control The Phantom 2 v2.

The sticks are configured in "Mode 2", the most popular mode in the U. A switch on the top right lets you choose between Attitude and GPS flight modes and a similar switch on the left lets you select between IOC modes The more transmitter also adds a Left Dial for operating the tilt function of a Zenmuse gimbal, a trainer port for flight simulations, and an LED display indicating the charge status of the internal LiPo battery Phantom 2 Flight Control System The brains of the aircraft, the Phantom 2 uses a special implementation of the Naza-M V2 flight control system.

The embedded software ships preconfigured with two available flight modes: Additional modes and other custom configurations can be enabled using the Phantom 2 Assistant software, available for Windows and OS X as a free download on the DJI website. In addition to settings, the software can offload flight data for diagnostic and teaching purposes and well as perform firmware updates Attitude and GPS Flight Modes The Phantom 2 has two GPs-assisted flight modes for you to choose from.

Of the two, GPS Mode is the most automatic. In GPS Mode the Quadcopter will stop as soon as you release the controls and stay hovering at a fixed horizontal and vertical position.

This setting is the easiest to fly and is generally preferred for shooting video as the Quadcopter won't sway or drift because of light wind gusts GPS Attitude Mode, or Attitude Mode, is a more manual flying mode in which the Phantom 2 does not try and maintain a fixed spatial position. When you release the controls it will continue to drift unless friction slows it down or you stop it.

And in this mode it will be more likely to be blown around if there is any wind. This not a true manual mode, however, in that the GPS navigation system is still used to maintain flight stability and by the "return to home" feature in the event of signal loss Return to Home Failsafe If the Quadcopter loses the signal from the controller for any reason the "return to home" feature will initialize.

The aircraft will ascend to 60 feet then make a straight-line course back to the "home position" you will have defined during the GPS calibration process. Nominally, the yaw control will allow the Quadcopter to rotate continuously, which can quickly become confusing if you lose track of which way is "front".

Not a problem!

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Thanks for the message. Sometimes so frustrating getting these little fixes to fly a drone. They did some research for me and found this solution and installed it on my laptop for free. It seems like DJI could have engineered around this product, or at least had some avenue to bring it to customers attention to this defect. Microsoft should not have sold this defective product.

Therefore I believe Microsoft is to blame for this problem. Thanks for the comment. The main reason is the signature for the driver. The driver needs a valid signature which Windows 10 looks for. Happens to a lot of other software as well and manufactures need to update or keep up with hardware changes.