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Scheduled Maintenance. This website will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on 13/04/ at pm - pm SGP / HK. Access to the website may. DocuPrint C(DX) Drivers & Downloads. Not your product? Drivers; Self Help; Documentation; Utilities; Learning 64bit Windows Print Driver >. Version: . The DocuPrint CDX packs a lot of features into a very small package. It's the world's smallest A3 size mono printer replacement – that also prints in colour.

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If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically. This list is no longer updated. Brother DCPNW series, 5, P, S FX DocuPrint C DX Kanji v PS H2, , P. Printer Xerox DocuPrint C DX Installation Manual . For the DocuPrint C, PostScript print drivers are included in the PostScript Page From G (previous page) ([Printer Settings] continued) B *, C, S, T, A Paper Image Qual 1. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint Supported Operating System: . Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CDX Driver DownloadFuji Xerox DocuPrint CDX.

User 5 Paper Name 1. Clear Jam Pull out the tray N to identify the jammed area, and remove the jammed paper. When used as a local printer, the printer is connected directly to a computer. When this is selected, the output size will be A4. Bypass Tray Trays 1 - 4 Paper feed direction paper feed direction length: Fuji Xerox is not responsible for any direct and indirect damages arising from or caused by such data loss. The following explains how to set this feature using CentreWare Internet Services.

The [Sample Print] dialog box appears. Page 65 Operations on the Control Panel The following explains how to print or delete a Sample Print job depending on its print result. The printing starts. In such case, the [Quantity] setting on the control panel becomes invalid. Supported Operating Systems In a command prompt, enter a command as follows.

The printer can automatically print e-mails and PDF files attached to e-mails. This feature is called "E-mail Print". Then, enter the following commands in the subject field or in the body message and write the text or attach the PDF file you want to print. Page 73 The following explains how to write commands in e-mails, using Outlook Express as an example.

To print the text in the body message: To print the document attached to the e-mail: When the password is not set, enter " Print" So, exchanging e-mails involves security risks, such as information leakage and tampering. When exchanging important or confidential information, we recommend you to use a method other than e-mail that guarantees security.

M gram per square meter refers to a weight in grams of one square meter of paper. Page 77 Customer Support Center or your dealers. Paper for 2-Sided Printing The following sizes and types of paper can be used for 2-sided printing when using the duplex unit optional for DocuPrint C For information about other paper or media, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealers.

Paper Type Product Name G. Unsupported Paper Unsupported Paper Do not use the following types of paper or media. They can cause paper jams or printer failure. Storing And Handling Paper Storing and Handling Paper Paper stored in poor conditions can get deteriorated, resulting in paper jams, image quality problems, or printer failure. Use the following guidelines when storing paper. Loading Paper Loading Paper This section explains how to load paper in the bypass tray or trays 1 - 4.

Page 82 Adjust the paper guides to the size of the paper. The guides that are too tight or too loose can cause paper jams. Doing so can cause paper jams. When the tray is extended, the extended portion sticks out from the back of the printer.

Page 84 Extend or unextend the tray until the lock released in Step 2 is locked automatically. The tray is extended. Pinch the guide clip on the left side of the tray and slide it to the size of the paper.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CDX Printer Driver Windows, Mac, Linux

A4 landscape Pinch the rear guide clip and slide it to the size of the paper. If the tray is extended, the extended portion sticks out from the back of the printer. Page 88 After entering the length, proceed to enter Tray 1 Custom the width. Tray 1 Custom [Landscape X ] is displayed. If there is more than one tray that is appropriate for the document, the printer checks the [Paper Priority] setting and selects a paper tray that contains the paper of the highest priority.

Control Panel Menus [Print Language] one of the common menus and provide menu items specific for print language settings. Common Menus Page 91 The following table describes the overview of the common menus. Sets the PCL emulation mode. Changing The Settings Changing the Settings Basic Procedure To display a menu screen or to move up and down the menus, use the following buttons on the control panel.

Setting Example Setting Example: Changing the Power Saver Mode Setting Use the following procedure to set a value on the control panel. In this example, we will set [Low Power Timer] an interval at which the printer switches to the Low Power mode to [60 Minutes]. Page 94 The setting is now complete.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CD Driver Download - DRIVERS INFO

Print Mode Sets the print mode to one of the followings: Page 97 Prints four pages onto one sheet of paper. When this is selected, the output size will be A4. If the duplex unit is not installed, the printer only performs 1-sided printing. Adobe Protocol Sets the PostScript communication protocol. CentreWare Internet Services allows you to monitor or remotely configure the printer using a web browser on your computer.

Page Setting Item Description Control Panel Sets whether or not to generate an audio tone when the correct button is pressed on the control panel. Enter a new password 4-digit number. The password takes effect when the first and second entries match.

& docuprint s drivers c3055(dx)

The Sleep mode cannot be disabled on the Chinese model. Set whether or not to enable this feature. Documents will be printed only when the values specified on your print driver and those on the control panel match.

This setting will be used by the Auto Tray Selection feature. You cannot assign a priority order to the bypass tray. User 1] to Sets the names for [1. User 1] to [5.

User 5] that are displayed under [Paper [5. Page [Calibration] If colors look off after relocating the printer, or after replacing the drum cartridge, print the Calibration Chart to perform color calibration.


For details on color calibration, refer to "7. Setting this feature to [On] prevents such problem, but prints at a slower print speed. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you encounter a problem while using this printer and have trouble solving the problem, see if any of the symptoms in the following pages matches your problem. If your problem is described in the following pages, apply the suggested solution provided for the problem. A piece of paper remaining in the machine can cause fire.

If a sheet of paper is wrapped around the heat roller, or when clearing a jammed paper that is difficult or impossible to see, do not try to remove it by yourself. Push up the lever A and open the front cover. Page Remove any jammed paper. Make sure no torn pieces remain inside. Close the front cover. Push the tray all the way into the printer.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CDX Printer Driver Windows, Mac, Linux - Driver Download Software

Do not touch any parts other than the levers. Otherwise, you can get burnt. Hold the lever E on the left side of the fuser cover and open the fuser cover. Page If paper is jammed inside the fuser unit, hold the projection on its right side and open the duplex unit cover. Lift up the levers on both sides of the fuser unit. Do not touch it or you will get burnt. A high voltage component can cause electric shocks. An unauthorized modification can cause smoke or fire.

An error that cannot be resolved by users occurred. Copy down the error message or error code displayed on the control panel, switch the power off, unplug the power code from the power outlet, and contact our Customer Support Center or your dealers. Changing the [Print Mode] setting to [Standard] may improve print speed. The paper is damp. Load fresh paper.

Load appropriate paper. The drum cartridge or fuser unit may need replacement depending on its condition. Shadow is printed around The paper is not appropriate for the printer. The paper is not appropriate for the printer. Vertical white streaks appear on output. The drum cartridge or transfer roll cartridge is not installed correctly.

Correctly install the drum cartridge or transfer roll cartridge. The data was printed using a font that does not come standard with the printer.

Check Output printed is not the same the font used by the application. If using PostScript, download fonts as necessary. Is the paper loaded correctly? Reload the paper correctly. Before loading labels, transparencies, postcards, or Paper jams occur. Isn't the paper damp?

Multiple sheets feed at once. If you close the top cover, the Toner then cartridge slot rotates allowing you to install the next cartridge. Black Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow Invalid feature ID Error Use an appropriate toner cartridge and install it correctly in the printer. Clear Jam Pull out the tray N to identify the jammed area, and remove the jammed paper. Then, push up the lever A and open and close the front cover. Open the front cover even then when there is no jammed paper inside the cover.

Have a new cartridge ready. X Toner Ready to print Replace soon Change the paper size setting on the control panel. Error Codes Error Codes Error codes are six-digit numbers that appear on the control panel when errors occur. Such errors include abnormal print jobs and printer malfunction. Error codes are important information that identifies the causes of errors.

Please have error codes ready when calling our Customer Support Center or your dealers. Remove the drum cartridge, reboot the printer, and then reinstall the drum cartridge.

Drivers s & c3055(dx) docuprint

Remove the toner cartridges, reboot the printer, and then reinstall the toner cartridges. When an error message or error code is displayed, refer to "6. The contents in the right frame Refer to"1.

CentreWare Internet Services is set to [Enabled]. Non-condensing Mode Non-condensing Mode The Non-condensing mode allows you to reduce dew condensation in the printer. Black, Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow message appears. When you want to use the printer in Non-genuine mode, use the following procedure to program the mode and replace the toner cartridge. Maintenance Toner cartridge 6. Drum Cartridge Drum Cartridge The drum cartridge consists of a photosensitive drum drum , an intermediate transfer belt, and a waste toner box.

An electric charge is first projected to the drum and develops a print image on the drum's surface. For information on when and how to replace the drum cartridge, refer to "Life of Consumables and Regular Replacement Parts" Message Action Ready to print Replacement Procedure Replacement Procedure Use the following procedure when replacing the toner cartridges.

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Black, Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow message is displayed differs from that when the [Replace soon] message is displayed on the control panel. Make sure that the printer's power is on and check the message on the control panel. If this doesn't work, the unit needs service or replacement if the service call will cost more than a new printer. Thank you!! This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations.

In some cases, electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer. Other causes include poor-quality parallel cable, poor connections, or home-grown programs. On rare occasions, the formatter is at fault which typically appears as a 79 Service Error. Turn the printer off and then on. Press Stop to clear all print jobs from the printer memory.

Fuji Xerox | DocuPrint C DX

Try printing a job using a different software program. If the job prints, try using the original software program to print a different job. NOTE If the error message only appears when using certain software programs, contact the software program vendor for assistance. Doing this will clear the printer's memory. While the printer is off, clear any pending print jobs from the computer or the network queue.

This will prevent any corrupted print jobs from being sent to the printer again when it is powered back on. Power the printer back on. If the printer goes to the Ready status, try printing again. If the RIP Software error returns when the printer is powered up or when you try to print, there is a problem with either the printer, the communication cable connecting the printer to the computer, or with the print job itself. Follow the directions below to check each of these components.

If the error appears every time you power on the printer, regardless of whether you send a print job or not, the likely source of the problem is the printer or an option installed on the printer. If the error appears only when you send print jobs to the printer, the likely source of the problem is the computer, a setting on the printer, or one of the communication cables.

For my mp printer. Not finding what you are looking for? Open Questions: Related Topics: Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Jose Ma DM. Level 3 Expert Answers. Thomas Hanson Level 1 Expert 53 Answers. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Step 2: In addition, Fuji Xerox DocuPrint driver can also convey a token from the printer to the pc, for example, ink alarm, destroying data, records stuck, and different things.

When we wire USB interface to the pc, the printer will attempt to recognize and on the chance that it has a suitable driver, can computerized set up and printing. On the off chance that the pc does not differentiate, we must prepare the printer driver.

The new printer is set with a CD that contains the printer drivers for a wide framework, which allows us to set it up really. In addition we can additionally be downloaded onto the site. Your driver will automatically be downloaded. Procedure to install Driver: