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View online or download Epson LQ II User Manual. Manuals and User Guides for Epson LQ II. We have 2 Epson pin dot matrix printer. View and Download Epson LQ user manual online. pin dot matrix printer. LQ Printer pdf manual download. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of EPSON LQ /II ESC/P 2 drivers. All drivers available for download have been scanned by.

If not the printer may be too old for Windows XP and later Windows versions. If they are not flashing, you may need to set the Tear Off setting on as a default. If your printing appears too high or low on the page, you can use the micro adjust feature to adjust the top- of-form position. Previuosly it was working nicely. Page Labels: How to use continuous paper via the the front slot front pull position Dot Matrix:

When you resume printing, the printer automatically feeds the paper back to the top-of-form position and starts printing. Then open the sprocket covers of the tractor and remove the paper. Printing With The Pull Tractor Printing with the pull tractor To load continuous paper using the pull tractor, you must move the tractor to the pull tractor position, as described in steps 1 through 3 in this procedure.

If your tractor is already installed in this position, make sure the printer is turned off and skip to step 6. Page 52 2. Move the tractor forward to the mounting slot at the top of the printer and tilt it into place as shown below. When you push the tractor onto the posts, you should feel the notches snap into place. Page 53 4.

Insert the paper into the bottom paper slot or into the rear paper slot as shown below, and pull it up. Position the paper using the scale on the printer as a guide. Page 54 6. Slide the left sprocket unit so that its sprockets match the position of the holes in the paper and lock the unit in place. Move the paper support midway between the two sprocket units. Page 55 8. To separate the incoming paper from the printed paper, attach the paper guide.

Then slide the paper guide toward the back of the printer until you feel it click. Adjusting The Top-of-form Position Adjusting the top-of-form position The top-of-form position is the position on the page where the printer starts printing. If your printing appears too high or low on the page, you can use the micro adjust feature to adjust the top- of-form position. Page 57 5. The printer has a minimum and a maximum top-of-form position.

This gives you an 8.

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Page 59 Advancing the paper to the tear-off position automatically To automatically advance your printed documents to the tear-off position, you need to turn on the auto tear-off mode and select the appropriate page length for continuous paper in the Default Setting mode. Page 60 4. The printer has a minimum and a maximum tear-off position.

If you try to adjust the tear-off position beyond these limits, the printer beeps and stops moving the paper. Printing On Single Sheets Printing on Single Sheets You can load single-sheet paper one sheet at a time using the paper guide of the printer. Your single-sheet paper may be from to mm 5. Before printing on single-sheet multipart forms, envelopes, or other special paper, be sure to the set the paper thickness lever to the appropriate position.

Printing On Special Paper Printing on Special Paper Your printer can also print on a wide variety of paper types, including multipart forms, labels, cards, and envelopes. For multipart forms and labels, you should not print any closer than 13 mm 0.

Page 63 1. Turn the printer off and open the printer cover. The paper- thickness lever is on the left side of the printer. The numbers next to the lever indicate the thickness setting. Use the table below to select the appropriate paper thickness. Paper type Lever position Standard paper single-sheet or continuous Page Multipart Forms Multipart forms You can use continuous or shingle-sheet carbonless multipart forms of up to four parts one original plus three copies.

Before you print on the forms, set the paper thickness lever as described in the previous section. The following tips will help you get good results: Use only continuous multipart forms that are joined by spot gluing or side-crimping. Page 65 Load labels the same way as you would load ordinary continuous paper. Because labels are especially sensitive to temperature and humidity, use them only under normal operating conditions.

Make sure the printing stays entirely within the printable area. Envelopes Envelopes You can feed envelopes individually using the paper guide. Keep the following tips in mind: Before loading an envelope, set the paper thickness lever to the proper position. Follow these steps to install the cut-sheet feeder: Make sure the printer is turned off. Remove the paper guide and open the paper guide cover.

Page 68 4. Hold the cut-sheet feeder in both hands and press on the latch levers. Fit the notches in the cut-sheet feeder over the mounting posts on the printer. Releasing the latch levers locks the cut-sheet feeder in place.

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Page 69 5. Slide the left paper guide so it is aligned with the triangle mark. Next, slide the right paper guide to roughly match the width of your paper. Slide the paper support midway between the paper guides. Pull the paper-set levers all the way forward until the paper guides retract and lock open to allow for paper loading. Page 70 7. Take a stack of paper and fan it.

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Next, tap the side and bottom of the paper on a flat surface to even up the stack. Do not use envelopes, multipart forms, carbon paper, or labels in the cut-sheet feeder. Pull Tractor Unit Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide mark.

Then slide the right edge guide to fit the size of paper you will use. To remove the paper guide from the cut-sheet feeder, press both release tabs and pull out the paper guide. Page 72 3. Turn on the printer. Release the sprocket lock levers of the pull tractor and adjust the sprocket units to match the width of the paper.

Be sure that the sprocket units on both tractors are aligned so that the paper is not crooked. Roll Paper Holder Roll paper holder The optional roll paper holder allows you to use your printer with 8. This option is not available in all countries.

Follow these steps to install and use the roll paper holder: Page 74 4.

Dot 1150 epson lq matrix drivers printer

Cut the leading edge of the roll paper straight across. Slide the roll paper holder shaft through the center of the paper roll. Set the shaft and paper roll onto the roll paper holder.

Orient the roll so that paper feeds from the bottom of the roll. Then turn on the printer. Page 76 Using the Printer Page 77 Printer Driver Settings Overview When you access the printer driver from a Windows application, any settings you make apply only to the application you are using. Page 79 1. Select Print Setup or Print from the File menu of your application software.

The Print or Print Setup dialog box appears. Make sure that your printer is selected and then click Printer, Setup, Properties, or Options. You may need to click a combination of these buttons. To view a menu, click the corresponding tab at the top of the window.

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Accessing the printer driver from the Start menu Follow these steps to access the printer driver from the Start menu: Page 82 The screen shots in the following section are from the Windows NT 4. They may vary in appearance from what actually appears on your screen; however, the instructions are the same. Page 83 2.

These menus contain the printer driver settings. Using the Printer Software The screen shots used in this procedure are from the Windows NT 4. Page 85 3. Right-click your printer icon, and click Document Defaults. These menus display the printer driver settings.

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When you click Properties, the printer software window appears, which includes menus used to make the printer driver settings. Changing The Printer Driver Settings Changing the printer driver settings Your printer driver has two menus from which you can change the printer driver settings; Page Setup and Advanced.

You can also change settings on the Utility menu in the printer driver. Printer Driver Settings Overview Printing with the default settings uses the settings stored in the printer.

To monitor the printer, make sure the Monitor the printing status check box is selected. Using The Printer Software The monitoring settings are shown below. Page 90 2.

Click the Monitoring Preferences button. The Monitoring Preferences dialog box appears. The following settings are available: Turn on this check box to display the selected error notification. Video Photos Link. Close Save changes. Added items Uploading: Include an image.


It's worth a thousand words. Related Questions: Please click on this link and select your model printer to download: If not the printer may be too old for Windows XP and later Windows versions.

You can download the Epson printer drivers from theirsupport WEB site. It is not working with windos xp os. Hey dude, Ty to install the epson compatible 24 pin driver fom the add printer Wizard. Hope it'll work. Not finding what you are looking for? Open Questions: Previuosly it was working nicely. But now when we try to print the currentpage it is printing some other useless stuff. How can I make the printer print current page? Related Topics: Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!

Clive Level 3 Expert Answers. Wireless Networking: How to perform a PING test The printer doesn't respond when I send a job to print or multiple copies of the driver are listed in the Printers folder. What should I do? What Should I Do? Troubleshooting Printer-related Communication Issues in Windows I want to remove the Epson software that came with my product from my computer.

How can I do this?

Why do I see the error "There is nothing to setup" when I try to install my printer on a computer running Windows Vista x64? How to check the driver and print queue status in Windows Windows Vista and Windows 7 redetects the printer when the computer starts or restarts My Epson software installation is interrupted or hangs. What can I do to resolve it? What is the difference between plastic and fabric ribbons for Dot Matrix printers? There appears to be no power to my printer,scanner or All-In-One.

I can't print via Bluetooth from my iPhone or iPod. Are any print options available? Dot Matrix printers: How to use continuous paper via the the front slot front pull position Dot Matrix: How to use continuous paper via the rear slot rear push position Dot Matrix printers: Dot Matrix: How do I create a new paper form in Windows How do I change the size of printed text when printing from my computer?

When trying to install the driver, I see the message "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The system file cannot be specified". Check your device's warranty.