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Hey guys, can anybody teach me how to drift in circles in tdu2? I have front wheel 3) Mod cant be used in MP, correct me if im wrong? #4. I made this to vid to show how you can mod a gtr to drift very well, enjoy https:// I working on new physics to TDU2. Here is new Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times. Full assistance is.

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I m looking for make drift in TDU and i m try to a lot of way to make dude thank you for information i m try:) close to drifting mod now. 2. Select the car you want to edit. 3. Performance Packs -> Import Performance Packs. Test Drive Unlimited 2: Drift cars pack v Custom cars pack update for autopack. At this pack for -car tires more smoke mod by unknown. Test Drive Unlimited 2 AutoPack OFiCCiAL FACEBOOK PAGE. Games/ Toys. DTP Drift Mod assetto corsa. Video Game. SIM TRAXX NewS / VR tracks, TDU 2 car mods by Stargt and other modders shared a photo. October 5, ยท.

If he had mentioned that he used Veno's mod as basic, i wouldn't have said a word. Yes I used some numbers from Veno's mod but it's just few numbers. H4milton D and u righttttt dammmn it xd!! Mazda MX-5 Miata BMW M1 Procar As the other guy said just press throttle and steer left or right and try to keep throttlle steady.

We also have many free game giveaways throughout the year for our members so feel free to drop by and join our friendly community. Forum rules: Please remember that making any modifications to game files is at your own risk and we strongly recommend you backup all of the relevant files before you start. Also remember using certain mods online may run the risk of being banned.

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Thu Sep 13, 9: Last edited by Bezrider on Thu Jun 06, Tue Mar 12, 2: Sun Feb 19, 7: The Garden of Eden. Nice powersliding. I really want that E46 M3!

Unlimited test mod drive 2 drift

Veno cleaned the hole file from useless crap and this file is as cleaned out as Venos. And e. The hole file is similar except to some little valuechanges and you cleaned out Venos name. Physics MOD V1.

He didn't say that this is for TDU1 or else. He just compared it to TDU1. I worked weeks on this Mod. A lot of my Club friends tested this. And now you come along and claim this is yours.

This is My file, you only Put your name in it and changed things for the worse. It changes only "Hardcore" Driving aids in other driving aids are only minor fixes like handbrake.

What you probably didn't know, I changed the hole file.

You cant compare this to the original tdu2 one. Emir13 author of Toyota Aygo: Being the completely open nature of the internet these things tend to happen and despite what some people think it's not usually done with malicious intent.

What would be the best thing to do now would be for Michal to ask if he can continue ahead with the mod that Veno has put the groundwork into and if so give proper credit to Veno in the listing info of this modification and anywhere else it is mentioned. If he had mentioned that he used Veno's mod as basic, i wouldn't have said a word.

But it wasn't the case and as you see, he still doesn't do it.

Mod 2 test unlimited drive drift

Michal if you are using any of the know-how or starting point from what Veno has done then you should give proper credit, if however you have started from the original file and used your own values with no help or influence from Veno then of course you can claim it as your own but from what those in the know see this isn't the case. At the end of everything this mod is something the TDU2 community has been itching for so seeing an agreement come together to help it continue would be splendid.

If you need any help or tester I would love to help or test or do anything I can to support you!

Alice Redinger creations: Drift cars pack for TDU2

The controls are way too sensitive on my xbox controller, despite my sensitivity is set all the way to the left. Used both hardcore and sport same results. Set sensitivity to right in fact it is not sensitivity but linearity in TDU it's wrong named or try use old version 0.

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Posted July 19, Braking can block wheels More powerful handbrake Some optimization of traction control Edited ForceFeedback Edited aerodynamics Good for drifting Realistic understeer New motorbike physics and handling Important: Bugatti Veyron Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times Full assistance is for normal cruise around city and it can also be used for perfect lap times easily It works online and also with Unofficial patch.

Used modifications: Unofficial patch 0. Now I work on version for normal slow driving with smooth brakes and steering. I'll release it soon.