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Beamng drive rock island

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Have fun! PS: Dry Rock Island was once an officicial stock map but we decided to remove it from the game and replace it by Jungle Rock Island. Dry Rock Island is a long abandoned industrial island in It features a port, an industrial area, and a residential neighborhood. On May 29, This is a very simple map mod that adds AI support to dry rock island. Even thought jungle rock island has replaced it, I personally like dry rock island better in.

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Dry Rock island Map mod for Authors: LJFHutch. Game Version:

I also took the liberty of naming things, just to make it a little more convincing, and used the drawings on the side to subtly flesh-out the island's history. Occam's Razer Expand Collapse. You must log in or sign up to post here. Dec 15, Messages: Your name or email address: Dec 24, Messages: Pocketkid2 Expand Collapse.

Drive rock island beamng