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The ODBC client package works with Windows as a bit and bit driver. How can I install the ODBC drivers and create a datasource on Windows 64 bit?. Easysoft ODBC drivers enable the IBM U2 data servers, UniVerse and bit versions of UniVerse 11 need a bit ODBC driver that is built with bit.

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U2 Clients are provided at no additional cost for Rocket UniData® and The U2 ODBC driver comes as both bit and bit drivers, which support SSL. bit ODBC driver for win 7. I'm running a bit version of Windows 7 and trying to install the ODBC driver that came with the UniVerse This article describes IBM UniVerse ODBC Driver and how it is used.

The server side is very straightforward, as there is nothing to install. Saturday, June 30, 2: Cool, If you have any issues let me know. Phil Phillips. Figure 1 shows the contents of this folder. Clif Oliver View more articles. Hope this helps.

Check your computers system information to see whether you need a bit or bit version of the program' Where can I download the bit version of the UniVerse ODBC drivers? On Tue, Sep 13, at 5: Glenn Sallis In reply to this post by Chris Austin.

Bit driver 64 odbc ibm universe

Hi Chris, I suggest you download the latest client software package from the Rocket site. The latest release is Thanks Glenn, I will give this a try in the morning! Tue, 13 Sep John Thompson If you are running Universe 10, I doubt the version 11 driver will work.

Let me know as I am in the same boat. I have not had time to try it.

This will then let us observe the effects of the procedures we use on the server side to enable access to the files. Figure 1 shows the contents of this folder. Run the installation by double-click on the "install" icon.

I always leave it at the default location. I usually take everything.

Accessing ODBC Databases from IBM UniVerse and UniData

You are then asked if you want to overwrite the uci. On the first install, it doesn't matter what you answer. If you are reinstalling due to suspecting a missing or corrupted driver, you probably don't want to overwrite this, although doing so simply means you have to redefine the systems with the UCI Editor.

And finally, you get to select what program folder to use.

Installing and Using UniVerse ODBC: A Quickstart

After the setup is complete, you will be prompted to restart Windows. And yes, you want to restart before proceeding. Does anyone ever say "no" to Windows restart prompt? You use the UCI Editor to make these entries in the uci. You will find this utility in the program folder you specified in the previous steps fig.

Universe Database (IBM) - Linked server no longer works with MS SQL

Set the fourth parameter, host, to the hostname or IP address of the server you want to connect to. The initial screen fig. User DSNs are visible only to you. Martin Mason wrote: Friday, December 1, 1: John Lovrinic wrote: Friday, December 1, 2: Hi John - Have you managed to setup linked server to Unidate Universe? Wednesday, December 13, 7: Monday, October 15, 7: Friday, November 21, 9: Isalih, I would like to know how you made the connection.

Bit 64 driver universe ibm odbc

What is the catalog they are asking for? I have a Universe database is the the Universe account that has our data?

ODBC driver for Windows

Wednesday, December 24, 4: Thanks, Ralph RS. Wednesday, January 21, 4: Thursday, February 18, 8: It seems I need to set the password some where, but is already set it on the DSN.

Odbc ibm bit 64 universe driver

Monday, February 22, Run the following SQL script inserting credentials appropriate to your environment: Wednesday, April 21, 9: Define your linked server using code similar to my previous posting. Thursday, April 22, 4: You can also think of a product called bluefinity https: Proposed as answer by Ratheesh.

Nair Wednesday, July 28, 8: Wednesday, July 28, 8: Thursday, January 6, 2: Hello Glen. Good Luck.

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Friday, January 7, 3: Friday, January 7, 5: