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Vag com 409.1 cable driver

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STEP 1: Download and Install VAG-COM KKL Drivers. (DO NOT connect cable to your computer yet. Only do this when you're instructed. Older Ross-Tech RS Serial interfaces can be set to power up as "dumb K- Line pass through" interfaces. This allowed those old Serial interfaces to be. VAG KKL Cable VCDS-Lite Driver and Software Installation Guide. October 16, at PM. SAFETY WARNING: Never start and run your engine.

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VW Audi USB KKL Diagnostic Interface Cable. VW Audi Seat Skoda USB Interface for VAG-COM or VCDS Lite - most VAG Install the USB drivers for the interface; Verify the port settings; Download and install the VAG-COM. I run XP, so downloaded the driver However, I still can't get it to run: Having plugged in the cable, On the VAG-COM options menu. If i could find a driver for this cable that would be a nice start. Also you'll still need to buy a VCDS license for $99 for your third party cable.

Satisfaction guaranteed or double your fault codes back! It's easy! At least it does every time my laptop auto-downloads and installs the new released versions of VCDS. Heres a link to what I bought on ebay. Mar Location:

Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: USB Driver Installation

I decided to call FTDI this afternoon and the guy there was massively helpful if walking me through the changes. He also advised another couple: In the "Advanced settings for [COM 1 or other port that is selected ], under: Thanks again for your time and patience - this site is a great concept!

Driver 409.1 vag com cable

March 4th, , July 16th, , I found this quick guide online having fiddled for hours - it resolved my driver hassles right away! Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.

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Installing VAG-COM on Windows 7

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Aug Location: Poole, England TDI s: When I plug the lead into the computer the usual windows messages pop up about a new device and installing drivers, so I browse for the c: Please help, it's getting frustrating, I thought it would be a case of install drivers from disc, then install VCDS Lite and Bob's yer uncle, but no! Buy cheap buy twice. Buy cheap, waste your money! These knockoff cables are just pirating the Ross-Tech technology.

Com driver vag 409.1 cable

Version Following on from this thread here. I ordered a cheap cable in the hope of being able to use VCDS Lite just to get some codes so I could post them for some assistance. I am not after a fully working pirated version of the VAG com software on the cheap. Don't think there should be a problem here.

Install the cable using the driver supplied with the cable. This is not a Ross-tech cable so the Ross-tech drivers are not for this cable.

The standard driver for the generic cable will probably install it as a serial port. Heres a link to what I bought on ebay.

Com cable vag driver 409.1

It comes with a CD that has a folder in it called Drivers, the only. Should be OK. Did you have the cable connected to the car with the ignition on?

If not, that is likely to be your problem. The cable can be set to the laptop without being connected to the car. At least it does every time my laptop auto-downloads and installs the new released versions of VCDS. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. My Photo Gallery: My Classifieds: Register or Log In now! So i bought this cable having no idea about any interface. I have no software just the cable, and i am having hard time finding a software for scanning on this cable. It should have came with a cd, but did not.

I've even had trouble with this cable plugged into my computer, cause i have two 3.

Cable driver com 409.1 vag

I found a website that tried to make the driver work as a com1,2,3, or 4 port. But computer keeps failing to install the new driver. If i could find a driver for this cable that would be a nice start. Originally Posted by Nobodyman. Sport pedals, LED interior lights.