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Driver: Parallel Lines, Action, .. got fantastic story, well made NYC in two timezones, nice soundtrack, vehicle modding and few other features that were. New to the Driver franchise is the ability to customize, or mod, the player's vehicle . Each vehicle can be upgraded numerous ways in Ray's Garage. Upgrades. Browse and play mods created for Driver: Parallel Lines at Mod DB.

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"Cars not exploding immediately when shot" mod? by London Grammar Driver Parallel Lines era textures mod by Skylabh - Sat Apr How can I use turn signals on driver parallel lines for pc? There are a few mods , however i couldnt seem to find where, I only saw videos. 6 1. Driver: Parallel Lines guide at StrategyWiki · Driver: Parallel Lines at . text and weapon names • Link[edit]. Fixes spelling of various items on the car customization menus. Download Draw distance mod. Copy Moods\ to the.

View screenshots. Both eras included in the game have distinct styles of vehicles, although a few of the era cars do show up in , and the cars from can show up in by using the all cars cheat code, however all cars in from are all accessible in shop in I can not change the resolution of the game. Content tag, SEO, listing, Pizza and spaghetti [ Please do not use this box to ask a question , it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. Modding discussion for Driver:

El Yar. View screenshots. Sky Wolf.

View all guides. Every time I change the resolution the game is in window mode, and with the black screen. I can not change the resolution of the game. Rodolfo o Porco. Cannot set x I have tried the Widescreen fix as posted here, the game will not launch with the script folder and dll in the files, if I remove that the game launches.

Parallel car mods lines driver

I am stuck with a very small resolution and no way of increasing it, what lese can I do here? Digital X. Missing Soundtrack Guide.

Vehicles in Driver: Parallel Lines

Missing all those tracks from the PS2 version? Want to add them back in? I've got you covered. Air Chomp. View videos. Draw Distance Mod? It's been nearly eleven years since this game came our, and maybe a few years since this came out on PC. However, the draw distance is just atrocious. I've searched a few threads, and they all redirect to planetdriver. Everything you should know about Driver Parallel Lines.

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Is there any mods for this game? - Driver Parallel Lines Questions

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Mods lines driver parallel car

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Driver Parallel Lines. Need more help? Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. VIDIA asks: Question for Driver Parallel Lines Is there any mods for this game?

Is there a cheat of no police?? If there is, I want it urgently and an..

Lines driver mods parallel car

How to use turn signals How can I use turn signals on driver parallel lines for pc? Add your answer Answers.