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The Lexmark Universal Print Driver provide users and administrators with a standardized, one-driver solution for their printing needs. Instead of installing and . For detailed information, please refer to Technical White Paper under Universal Print Driver page. Lexmark Universal Driver System Installation Package. The Lexmark Universal Print Driver provide users and administrators with a standardised, one-driver solution for their printing needs. Instead of installing and .

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For detailed information about new changes for this release, please refer to Technical White Paper under Universal Print Driver page or the Release Notes. Overview. Universal Print Driver (UPD) release information found in this article: A brief description of new functionality introduced in each release; Major issues. The driver package provides the installation files for Lexmark Universal Print Driver If you consider updating this driver package by.

Google integration 1. How to add a gateway to an existing network How to see uploaded print drivers Printix Administrator 3. This package will upgrade your existing installation of the universal printer driver. En, E, En. E 1 , E 1.

The Lexmark Universal Print Drivers are available for the following operating systems in bit and bit versions where available:. These driver packages will upgrade your existing installation of the universal printer driver. JavaScript is disabled. Our site requires JavaScript for basic functionality. Please enable JavaScript within your browser to maximize your experience.

Home Support Universal Print Driver. Universal Print Driver. Save time and money by managing multiple devices with just one driver. Overview What is the Universal Print Driver? Reduces cost for IT support With only one package to manage, testing and internal certification of print drivers is simplified by the use of the Lexmark Universal Print Driver packages. Enables increased user efficiency The Lexmark Universal Print Driver packages use the same graphic user interface as the product-specific drivers the users are accustomed to, and now all queues will share that same interface, decreasing calls to the help desk.

New user interface The new user interface of the Universal Print Driver provides a more consistent look and feel across all printer models, with controls and settings that have been modified to provide better language support and overall customer experience.

Enhanced Job Accounting The Job Accounting option allows an organization to track print jobs for accounting purposes by associating the print job with specific account information, including a user name or ID, an account code, and a department code. Custom installation package With the new Universal Print Driver installer, administrators can choose to create preconfigured installation packages that include only the software and drivers that meet their organization's needs.

Dynamic driver configuration The latest version of the Universal Print Driver has the ability to update its user interface to reflect the features and options of any supported printer model.

You can use the utility to: Configure a printer object when installing it. Configure multiple printer objects, each with unique settings, for the same printer driver also referred to as creating virtual printer objects. View, edit, or delete an existing configuration. Apply Resource Administration. Recommend settings that can be changed only at print time. Enforce settings that cannot be changed by a user.

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Compatibility Operating system support The Lexmark Universal Print Drivers are available for the following operating systems in bit and bit versions where available: Citrix XenApp 7. Mono Laser Printers.

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Drivers lexmark universal print

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Edn, Edw, Edtn. M Series 2 M, Mdn. MS Series 2 MSde. Optra S Optra S , Optra S Improved Multipage Printing N-up capabilities for documents which contain mixed paper sizes or mixed media types For example, if N-up is selected and a mixed media size or mixed media type is specified in the driver, then the document will get printed using the media size and media type of the first page of the document.

Fix for end-users that elect to not use the Lexmark Print Processor; the driver features that depend on it will be disabled. Various issues addressed with custom staple setting with Office Various issues addressed with printable area when using A4 paper New product support: Fixes and improvements New user interface for Printer Driver Configuration Utility Watermarks are automatically repositioned during rotation to ensure they appear on the page. Previously, rotation often caused watermarks to be clipped off.

A watermark that is too long to fit within the printable area will still be clipped. Addressed several problems with mixed paper sizes or mixed orientation for N-Up and booklet printing Release 2.

Release 2. This is a user-specific directory. That query has been removed and the client now relies on the information supplied by the print server.

Universal Print Driver

Addressed a PostScript UPD issue where scaling set by the application could be ignored by the driver Added support for additional finishing options and job accounting settings to the generic Universal Color Laser and Lexmark Mono Laser models. Device compatibility Added driver support for the following new devices: Possible delay opening Printer Properties. Possible delay opening Printer Preferences.

Support for Citrix XenApp 6. Addressed issue with Printing Preferences being slow to open on clients in a Point-and-Print environment.

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Addressed issue where Microsoft Office mail merge feature was disabling Print and Hold functionality Addressed additional instances during driver installation and queue creation when a Windows Session 0 activity might trigger the Interactive Services Detection Running multiple self-extracting install packages is now supported properly. Addressed behavior with USB-attached printers which caused the following issues - when trying to undock a laptop the request was denied; when the printer is disconnected CPU usage goes up; problems communicating after the PC resumes from Sleep mode PCL XL only: Improved print quality when drawing certain types of complex curves, which were drawn too light in UPD v2 previously.

Addressed issue where custom Lexmark tabs on Printing Properties were sometimes unavailable after installation on a Windows Server R2 cluster until a failover occurred. Observed when To remedy Slight delay when: Printing Preferences and Printer Properties dynamically adapts to display driver settings characteristics that correspond to the options and peripherals detected or selected by the print driver.

New administrative controls: New configuration utility— Gives administrators the ability to control Printing Preferences settings.

Drivers print lexmark universal

Configures settings before or after driver installation. New Installer feature creates a self-extracting install package. New design allows driver to work side by side with previously installed UPD versions. This gives the administrators or end users the ability of having UPD version 2 coexist with previous versions. New level of Microsoft printing architecture redistributable files, version Metafile spooling control is added to the PostScript driver.

Automatic mode chooses RAW format whenever possible for improved performance. Universal size has been standardized to be 8. Fixes and improvements Language emulation specific symptoms fixed by UPD v2. Landscape page printing upside down when booklet with cover option is selected.

Discrepancy for Envelope paper size strings in General tab PostScript Wrong operator panel prompt for any Envelope job from Envelope feeder in multiple input options Incorrect Watermark positions regardless of portrait and landscape orientation Incorrect Watermark position for Booklet printing regardless of portrait or landscape orientation Point and Print: Job Accounting commands missing for when maximum character limit is input.

Print job flushed with this combination of settings: Profile created with a name like c: Paper size: Letter' and Duplex is selected. Newly created Watermarks are not propagating to clients in a Point and Print server-client environment. Paper available under General tab only shows one supported paper. Server created "Saved settings" are not transferred to the client machines.

Envelope NLS: Officio paper size is not retained on the driver NLS: Try to Installer Continue button remains disabled if USB cable connected prior to running install Exit the installer, disconnect the cable, and then restart the installer process. Fax cover page may not be sent Application produces fine lines not visible in output Try to increase resolution, enable Enhance fine lines , and enable Pixel Boost.

Results will vary by printer model.

Universal Print Driver

These settings are located on the Quality tab of Printing Preferences. Click here for additional information. Universal paper size is not retained in resizing option or paper size selection box Change the dimension of the Universal form to 8. Manually add installable options. This is especially prevalent with a WSD port.

Size setting not retained or incorrect op-panel prompt for custom paper sizes created from a user account Set the custom size as the default within Printing Preferences. This may happen in Microsoft Word. MS Office Application can't override paper sizes Letter and A PCL 5 emul: Uncheck " Scale content for A4 or 8. Canceling from the Fax dialog sends a fax job to spooler and cancelled job remains in the print queue Wait; the job is 0 bytes, and it will leave the print queue when the spooler times out.

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