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In this tutorial I will show you how to install WiFi drivers in Linux Mint when your adapter is not supported out of the box. configuration: broadcast=yes driver=ath10k_pci driverversion=generic firmware=azmibishara.infoMSWPZ-1 latency=0. Now I install Ubuntu Server into this box - and at installation time the kernel does not see the WiFi module (has no driver for it)! How is it.

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I've got a HP laptop. I put on Linux mint on it. I've got no driver for it. HP Notebook - bwsa. Wireless connectivity b/g/n (1x1) Wi-Fi®. Linux Mint 18 will automatically detect your phone and directly connect to the internet through your phone. Basically, you are using your phone as a WiFi to USB. I had to reinstall the operating system on my Thinkpad laptop and decided to install Linux Mint on it instead of Windows 8 or 10, the operating.

Select all iwconfig. But other networks in my range are working fine. A simple obscure terminal command fixed the problem. April 5, April 5, Anonymous said on January 13, at 9: Catch 22!

Realtek Device d port: HDD Total Size: STLT size: TransMemory size: No RAID devices: System Temperatures: Shell bash 4.

I just started up the machine with a Mint 19 live disk and I had no WiFi. I went into the menu and started up driver manager and the system knew that I didn't have the driver and what driver it should be. I had to select the button to install the driver and then hooked up a wired connection for the machine and told it to install. About a minute later I had the driver installed and then selected my wireless network and I was on the internet.

I tried pulling the driver's over by USB on install. Didn't work. I been trying to look for the website site for the code but I can find Linux Mint. The fixes are very different for different chipsets - the one for my adapter has become a routine whenever installing new versions of Mint. Good luck. Dual booting M Testing M Well, WiFi could be one of those deviations that does not fully match my perfect picture of Linux.

It is getting better and better, but if you have one of these problematic wireless adapters, it is probably better to skip solving the problem and just buy a cheap compatible adapter that works right away in your nice Linux Mint distribution. April 10, April 11, April 5, April 5, March 29, March 29, Skip to content The modern Linux distributions have out of the box terrific support for most of the available hardware components, like graphics cards, printers and WiFi adapters.

How to install WiFi drivers in Linux Mint - Real Linux User

Install driver for WiFi adapters When you install Linux Mint on a desktop or laptop with a WiFi adapter there is a chance that this adapter is not being recognized during the installation process. The operating system should now be restarted and Wi-Fi on this machine will then work perfectly. What if nothing works The above approach should be working for al lot of other wireless adapters as well as more and more adapters are supported out of the box, but there is a chance that you have a wireless adapter for which this approach is not working.

Here are some examples of compatible adapters: Or if you want to go for real Linux compatibility have a look at the products of Penguin: Now I have access ro WiFi.

Hope this helps others that are having the same problem I did. I had to plug in Ethernet, then when I ran the Driver Manager it seemed to automatically get the proper drivers and then WiFi worked.

I tried Linux two years ago and had the same problem and went back to MS. I almost gave up again this time for the same reason. The devs should try to get this sorted as the world needs an alternative to ms.

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Great tip there! Worked like a champ!!! No wired connection needed with the driver available on the ISO. Worked perfectly — no wired connection needed with instructions above and use of the driver on the ISO from above!

Got a new laptop, HP notebook aynd, and installed Mint Connecting with cable: Looking in the Driver Manager I see only:. Unknown This device is not working intel microcode open source O Version 3.

No proprietry drivers are in use. Good thing I still have my older Windows 7 Laptop working so I can ask for advice here. Thanks, Jaap Vegter.

There are obviously onerous limits on development when talent is volunteered and QC is very, very tough. I have to think that there might be some improvement not WIFI, alas now that I bulleted it and rebooted.

Jaap, I hope this helps you. Worth a try. Go to help. Do a search if unsure to see if your version of Mint is compatible with Trusty Tahr, eg, is Mint Restart after you have done this, then see if wifi comes up. Sudo ufw enable, then update and upgrade. Jaap, my post was on the assumption you have a Broadcom driver problem. You would need the open source driver, do a search for your driver and Mint open source equivalent. I have like 2 laptops and both of them got broadcom.

Theres 3 drivers available and only 1 works; once you install the wrong driver it gets complicated to actually remove it — so you might as well reinstall the OS. Worked for me as well. I had access to wired lan, so i did not need the usb live disk, but nonetheless, this is a step that should have been done in the OOB installation. Thanks for the guide! Great post.

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How to install WiFi drivers in Linux Mint

How to get Wifi working in Linux Mint after installation. Find out how to enable wireless networking on Linux Mint after installing the operating system if WiFi connections are not working.

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Rob Stokes said on October 17, at 1: Joel said on November 25, at 7: Anonymous said on January 13, at 9: Rebecca said on April 25, at 2: Chris said on January 10, at 6: Start Menu…Administration…Driver Manager. It will now check for proprietary drivers. Open network connections; turn off ethernet; turn on WIFI. Jim said on April 14, at 6: