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Intel® PRO Network Connections Driver for 5 Series Chipset-Based Desktop the BIOS of the following Intel® Desktop Board(s): DH55TC, DH55HC, DH55PJ. Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ. Support information for Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ. This product is discontinued. See available support options. Download the latest drivers for your Intel DH55PJ to keep your Computer up-to- date. Device Name: Intel(R) DC Gigabit Network Connection. Driver.

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The new LAN driver has been developed to support Windows XP, Vista and 7, and is available for both 32 and Intel Desktop Board DH55PJ. Here you can download Intel DH55PJ Desktop Motherboard Drivers free and easy, just exe, Intel Chipset Device Software for Intel Desktop Boards with 5 Series vexe, Intel PRO Network Connections LAN Driver, Windows Vista. PRO 10// Network Connection in a The boxed Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ solution includes: Intel® Express Installer driver and software DVD.

Hardware Features. Devices that are not being used can be turned off. Intel desktop board dh55hc product guide simplified chinese product guide 82 pages. When resuming from an AC power failure, the computer returns to the power state it was in before power was interrupted on or off. This mode offers the highest throughput for real world applications. After installing this update, the audio drivers for Windows XP Bit Edition will successfully install.

Safety Standards EMC Regulations Regulatory Compliance Marks Table 1. Figure 1. Major Board Components Table 2 lists the components identified in Figure 1. Figure 2. Other processors may be supported in the future. This board is designed to support processors with a maximum TDP of 95 W. See the Intel web site listed below for the most up-to-date list of supported processors. For information about… Refer to: Supported processors http: Use of unsupported processors can damage the board, the processor, and the power supply.

NOTE This board has specific requirements for providing power to the processor. Refer to Section 2. Minimum total system memory: If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS will attempt to correctly configure the memory settings, but performance and reliability may be impacted or the DIMMs may not function under the determined frequency.

Table 3 lists the supported DIMM configurations. Table 3. Tested Memory http: This mode offers the highest throughput for real world applications. Dual channel mode is enabled when the installed memory capacities of both DIMM channels are equal. Technology and device width can vary from one channel to the other but the installed memory capacity for each channel must be equal.

If different speed DIMMs are used between channels, the slowest memory timing will be used. Single channel Asymmetric mode. This mode is equivalent to single channel bandwidth operation for real world applications.

This mode is used when only a single DIMM is installed or the memory capacities are unequal. Technology and device width can vary from one channel to the other. Memory Configuration Examples http: Figure 3. Environments not supported by the graphics driver i. The following table lists supported mirrored output under environments not supported by the graphics driver. The port arrangement is as follows: A point-to-point interface is used for host to device connections.

The underlying SATA functionality is transparent to the operating system. The SATA controller can operate in both legacy and native modes. For more information, see: The serial port supports data transfers at speeds up to For information about Refer to The location of the parallel port header Figure 10, page 39 1.

The ALCS-based audio subsystem supports the following features: For information about Refer to Obtaining audio software and drivers Section 1. The component-side audio headers include the following: Back Panel Audio Connector Options The back panel audio connectors are configurable through the audio device drivers. For information about Refer to The back panel audio connectors Section 2.

The subsystem is capable of driving a target speaker load of 8 Ohms at 1 W rms or 4 Ohms at 1.

Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ Technical Product Specification -

Table 4. On LAN link is established. Blinking LAN activity is occurring. Product Description 1. When the computer is not plugged into a wall socket, the battery has an estimated life of three years. When the computer is plugged in, the standby current from the power supply extends the life of the battery.

Intel DH55PJ Specification

Replace the battery with an equivalent one. Figure 1 on page 11 shows the location of the battery. The board has several hardware management features, including the following: For information about Refer to The functions of the fan headers Section 1.

The security feature uses a mechanical switch on the chassis that attaches to the chassis intrusion header.

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When the chassis cover is removed, the mechanical switch is in the closed position. ACPI features include: Table 5. System can only enter Standby state if power switch action is properly configured by the operating system. The operating system puts devices in and out of low-power states based on user preferences and knowledge of how devices are being used by applications.

Support for Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ

Devices that are not being used can be turned off. The operating system uses information from applications and user settings to put the system as a whole into a low-power state. Table 6 lists the power states supported by the board along with the associated system power targets. See the ACPI specification for a complete description of the various system and power states.

Drivers intel desktop board dh55pj lan

Table 6. Context saved to RAM. No power D3 — no power except for wake-up logic. Power G1 — sleeping state S4 — Suspend to disk. Context saved to disk. Context not saved. For information about Refer to The functions of the fan headers Section 1. Thermal Monitoring Product Description 1.

Intel® Desktop Board DH55PJ

Item Description Rear chassis fan header Thermal diode, located on processor die Processor fan header Front chassis fan header Figure 6. Thermal Sensors and Fan Headers The operating system puts devices in and out of low-power states based on user preferences and knowledge of how devices are being used by applications.

Devices that are not being used can be turned off.

Table 7. Hardware Support Product Description 1. Failure to do so can damage the power supply.

The total amount of standby current required depends on the wake devices supported and manufacturing options. Failure to provide adequate standby current when implementing Instantly Available PC technology can damage the power supply. Detailed System Memory Address Map Memory Map Technical Reference 2.

Table 8. Figure Component-side Connectors and Headers Table 9 lists the component-side connectors and headers identified in Figure Serial Port Header Technical Reference 2. Sata Connectors Technical Reference Table Processor Core Power Connector Main power — a 2 x 12 connector. This connector is compatible with 2 x 10 connectors previously used on Intel Desktop boards. The board supports the use of ATX12V power supplies with either 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 main power cables.

When using a power supply with a 2 x 10 main power cable, pins 11, 12, 23, and 24 must remain unconnected. Table 23 lists the signal names of the front panel header.

Figure 11 is a connection diagram for the front panel header.

Desktop dh55pj intel drivers board lan

When the switch is closed, the board resets and runs the POST. Always turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the computer before changing a jumper setting. Otherwise, the board could be damaged.

Figure 13 shows the location of the jumper block. The maintenance menu is displayed. Figure 14 illustrates the mechanical form factor for the board. Dimensions are given in inches [millimeters]. The outer dimensions are 9. Connecting the processor fan to a chassis fan header may result in onboard component damage that will halt fan operation.

Storage Interfaces. SATA -connectors: Internal Interfaces. Processor Max Supported Qty. Installed Qty. Audio Audio Codec. Realtek ALCS. Miscellaneous Microsoft Certifications. Compatible with Windows 7. Package Type. Networking Data Link Protocol. Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. Network Controller. Intel DC. Gigabit Ethernet. Interface Provided Qty. Connector Type.

Audio Output Sound Output Mode. Audio Codec. High Definition Audio 8-channel. Video Video Output. LAN Network Interfaces.