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Need a Bluetooth Driver for your accessory? If you are having Bluetooth trouble, updates should be available through Microsoft's Windows Update service. Motorola Device Manager contains USB drivers and software to connect your Motorola phone or You can download the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers here. Motorola Device Manager contains USB drivers and software to connect your Motorola phone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable.

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USB Drivers and PC Charging Drivers Get the drivers you need to use your Motorola device with your computer. CLICK HERE. Is it necessary to download and install these drivers on a PC to connect and charge the Motorola i1 from PC? I have not yet downloaded drivers. Download the latest and original Motorola USB Driver to connect any Motorola Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer quickly.

It is just as I explained to Niall. Check the device manager on the pc to see whether there are any errors. The two resistor values for mA or 1. Any suggestions what would cause this. Cmd process.

Any ideas? You need format the SD card once. Backup files on the SD card, then format it. You will be able to use it normally. After updating to marshmallow, even you choose to use it as portable storage, you need format the SD card once.

If not, you can backup folder by folder to internal storage, then move to the pc. If you have a good wifi connection, you can also backup sd card to your Google Drive. Recently i have updated my android version now it is android 6. Plz help. What did you choose for the SD card: You may refer to this guide on the differences http: Thanks in advance!

I downloaded the motorola device manager, and the phone is not being detected by my pc. Spent hours trying to get my head around this problem. First, beware of data vs charging cables.

The one that comes with the phone does both. The ones you buy online or in the shops may or may not have data functionality. Google removed pop out notification for long time. Head-up notification disappears after a few seconds.

Anyway, always check status bar. You can always access notification on notification shade by swiping down from status bar.

Driver motorola usb charger

What did you see in device manager on the PC? It should show something in device manager. The problematic USB cable is usually from handphone shop and marked as charging cable. Did you unlock the screen and check the notification when it is connected to the PC?

Motorola Razr V3 - Laptop charging without software?

If it is the USB cable then. Also using W10… Any other thoughts? But you need unlock the screen once. You should check device manager on the PC when phone is connected to the PC. I have Moto G first generation. Can you please suggest any help. Tried two USB cables. Appreciate any help. My son came home and here it is folks. Thanks Ricky. Hook up USB cable. Your choices for USB connection will appear Simply tap what you want to transfer. Hope this clears up a lot of BS and that it works for more than just the g3.

Your computer can recognize Moto G because the driver was installed. I installed the moto driver and software earlier.

Usb driver motorola charger

It was suppose to automatically pop up when the phone was connected via USB cable. That never happened. Now, windows media opens up and I keep closing it.

Driver charger motorola usb

The phone was not recognised by my PC until this was done, even with the downloaded software and drivers. Until my son showed me how to actually go through this process, which was very simple, nothing worked as it was suppose to work. But it definitely was not working as it was supposed to when I downloaded the software and drivers.

It just kept looking for updates and would not recognise the G3. Thanks, Rob. Otherwise, phone will appear as an empty device on the PC.

Empty storage can be hidden on Windows explorer depending on your PC settings.

Where can I download the USB drivers for my device? - Motorola Support - US

The charging option was added in lollipop 5. And yes, how to do that needs to be made more clear. Not the case. Whatever you can do to clear that up would solve a lot of the same repeated issue here and would be much appreciated. Save a lot of frustration. Good luck. When you hook up the G3,turn it on. Open it up to where you see your icons for apps. Now swipe down on the screen. There should be a box that appears that has USB information in it.

Touch it and your options will appear. Pick the one you want to do, ie: Transfer photos PTP or whatever. Now your computer should recognise your G3. Hopefully this works for you.

The default is MTP plus charging. For some users, they may want charging only, they can change it there. Swipe down from top of the screen status bar to see notifications on the phone. But some handphone shops may sell charging only cables without slightly different wiring. It is just as I explained to Niall. Scroll up in the comments. I am unable to do file transfer from my moto e 2nd generation even after downloading the required driver from the site. Though it is listed under programs when clicked it goes into checking for updates.

Similarly when mobile is swiped no notofication appears. Pl help. Apart from that, sometimes files copied to the PC are corrupted but the originals are ok in the phone.

You can try to reboot the phone so that the files are indexed properly. You can also try to clear cache partition to see whether it helps.

I have found that when copying files from phone to a pendrive via OTG, if I use ES Explorer, all files copied to the pendrive get corrupted, but when using Explore option from the storage and usb menu in settings, does the job correctly. Go to main screen and swipe down on your Moto g3 something simple that no one has bothered to mention It may say — USB for charging — Tap twice for more options. You will now see your choices for your USB connection Simply choose what you want to transfer.

I am having a problem with this connection. Ihave Android 6. I installed the latest Motorola driver as suggested here. The screen is not locked when I plug in the phone. Once the phone is connected to the PC, you should have a notification on the phone. You can change the connection type to MTP by tapping the notification. Hello there.

I checked and verified that the drivers and Motorola Device Manager appear in the control pannel. Another issue which may be related. The only thing that appears is some information regarding the storage amount of storage used up, etc. You need unlock the lock screen after Moto G is connected to the PC so that the content of the phone will be shown on the explorer. You need unlock only once fur one session. This was explained in this post https: I purchased the moto g3 phone a few months ago.

The main reason for the purchase was because my regular camera of 10 years had died.

The camera I use for my job and had been uploaded the pictures to my computer with no problems. The last time it worked properly was on December 23, On December 28th I went to upload my pictures through the same process and it said there were no new files to be found. I have tried everything I can think of and even brought my computer in to be serviced and they found nothing wrong with my computer.

They even tried to download the pictures onto their computer and it would not show them. Do you have any suggestions I can try to rectify this problem.

I use my usb cable. It worked fine until Dec 23rd. Then after that day it just said could not find any pics on my phone.

Cant figure out why it would stop uploading. Not interested in sending pics any other way. As mentioned, in your PC, in Windows explorer, can you find your phone. Then you can check the DCIM folder. My moto g is not connecting to PC Windows 7, 8. Thats why in my PC there is no option of XT to transfer data. Dear Sir I have installed Motorola device manger but it can not detect device. All are showing charging but not storage in PC. Useful forum — I spent ages trying unsuccessfully to get photos transferred from Moto G to computer.

Having read a lot of information here I found the solution was to go into the phone settings and remove the screen security — a PIN in my case. Normally, you only need unlock the lock screen. If the screen is locked, you cannot access the file although it is recognized by the PC. I have moto g My phone is working fine. Phone is only getting charged. Neither the phone, nor pc show any option. I am using windows 8 not 8. Did you check the device manager on the pc? Are there any exclamation marks?

Do you hear any sound when connecting the phone to the pc? I have a Moto G and now i am unable to connect the same through Wi-Fi. My other phones have no problem in connecting Wi-Fi. How to solve this problem. Pl help as the Moto G is not getting updated because of this. However, Mobile Data net work is possible. Did you try to reboot the phone to see whether it helps? Hi I have problems with full data read write control. Moto G gen 3 Moto G driver installed and ok.

I can open them and view the file lists. I use the original Moto G usb cable. I can not open or run files stored on the moto G. The only options are copy, remove, properties. I try to copy a file from PC to Moto G. XPsp3 and w8. It shows on the moto g but not in the explorer op the pc. I copied a file from one directory on the moto g to an other which shows in explorer. The copy shows on the moto g file manager but not in the explorer op the pc. As I remember, the problem is caused by Windows.

Certain versions of Windows media player have bugs for MTP protocol and prevent the transfer of non-media files. Or, you can rename the file by adding. This is not a good solution. But it should work. Dear Simon, Thanks for your reply. I have tried several file types extensions. I just can not write to the moto g.

From moto g to PC no problem. All four mentioned issues persist. I look forward to other suggestions. Microsoft had some MTP problems on windows xp and vista because of the windows media player versions. Anyway, how is your Moto G listed under my computer or file explorer? Dear Simon, Thanks for your comments. I tried earlier on lap tops, now I tried copy from a desk top running W7. That worked I could even download a excel. Now it does connet also to the XP laptop, and I can copy.

But no tekst. Unfortunately I can not open files from the moto g through the pc explorer, nor can I view tumpnails.

Motorola RAZR, RIZR, Z8 mini-USB Charger pinout diagram @

I have to copy the file to PC to view it. Xp may have problems due to the version of Windows media player, and a few other components. You may try air droid app. Is it possible to restore Moto G data? Previously it was working fine and I am able to connect my phone to my PC Windows 7 My computer did not recognize my phone, but my phone getting charge while connecting. I did all the possibilities which has mentioned in this thread. I uninstall and reinstall the Motorola Device Manager from Moto site.

I have rebooted my phone by long press the power button but still same issue. Please help this issue, I do not want to go for factory restore option since I have lot photos and music files and contacts there in my phone and I am unable to take backup and restore them. So please let me know the solution how to access my phone in my computer. Thanks in advance for your understandings and support. After connecting Moto E to the PC, you may check device manager in the PC to see whether you get any exclamation marks for any devices.

Connected Moto g2 to computer. How do I get the phone to not time out. Computer indicates it would take several hours to transfer the photos. I mean for data recovery tool it said connect phone with USB nu but I already my phone connected with pc only. You should check the guide for the app. Some such apps may require you to turn on USB debugging in settings— developer options. Hey simson I can transfer files from moto g to pc but It nt recognise for apps wat can I can do for that.

How do I fix the problem? I want to download photos from my phone to my PC. I cannot emphasize enough that you must assure that your USB cable is working properly as I posted about a month ago. Not all USB cables are the same! I am not sure exactly what the differences are but I know that some work well with the Moto and some do not.

I learned this the hard way. Its really irritating me now, i tried to connect my moto g2 on windows7 but not able to connect. After installing it, connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable, unlock the phone screen, check the Windows Explorer to see whether you can find the phone.

I myself have not been able to connect to windows 7 it does not matter what I do I tried explorer and it did not work you need to debug this problem or you will lose business i have the moto e and he has the moto g the moto g is simply unremarkable and things could be done better. I have to install drivers on every computer I want to transfer files to? How stupid of Motorola. Hello, have followed all the instructions, connection estabished.

My new Moto G2 Android 5. I want to back up my contacts on the PC. I transferred the telephone contacts from my sim card to the telephone yesterday. Is there any other way to get these contacts into my PC. Thanks in advance for a prompt response. Rgds, mib. You can also use apps to backup and restore contacts. You can try this app. Motorola device manager requires at least XP with SP 3.

When i open the motorola device manager it only checks for software updates and hen closes automatically. I am using windows XP SP3. Hey bro! Can you help me: I have this problem: It sounds like a problem on your computer. Did you refresh My Computer? You need also check device manager to see whether Moto G is listed.

In your Moto G, after connecting to the pc, go to settings — storage, tap the menu key in top right 3 vertical dots , tap USB computer connection. I tried tried tried and finally fedup with this issue, Please help me out. No device icon is not itself appearing in my computer.

It wil try to instal driver, after some time it shows device driver software was not succesfully installed…. You need run the installer as administrator. Also when connecting the phone to the pc, make sure the phone screen is unlocked. It should work. I find that having the right USB cable is very important.

I have two cables, one has gold connectors and the other has silver-colored connectors. The latter works fine for powering charging but not for file transfer. You need a data cable. But some handphone shops may sell low-quality charging cable. I am not able to copy files from my pc to my moto g gen 2. I installed the motog device manager and i have also cleared the partition on my phone. I am able to copy files from my phone to the pc but not vice versa.

Another Moto g when connected to my pc i can transfer files both ways on it. So it seems like an issue with my phone. Would you be able to assist me with a fix?

I created a new folder and tried copying, still the same issue just the copying dialogue box. When I connect the phone to the computer by USB cable, it is recognised as a portable device. The phone charges. I have some 75 photos stored on the SD card. Yet on my computer, when connected to the phone, I cannot find or see all the photos. I cannot find the other 72 pics at all — even though the phone itself shows them all in the Gallery.

I want to copy all 75 photos from my Moto G SD card on to my computer. But if I cannot find or see them, I cannot do so.

Please advise how to access and copy them. In gallery app, you can open one of the missing photos on the pc, tap it, then tap the menu key and choose details to see the exact location of the photo. If you only want to transfer photos, not other contents, you can change the USB connection type to camera mode in notification panel of Moto G. Thanks Simon. All are definitely on the SD card. The DCIM folder in the internal storage is empty. The device Manager does not see or show the other Yet I have been able to prove, using another third-party app called Airdroid, that all 75 photos are indeed in that folder, and the files have not been corrupted.

I have been able to use that app to transfer all the photo-files via wifi to my computer. So there is clearly a fault of some kind with the Motorola Device Manager.

Why does it not see or show all the photos which we know for sure are definitely on the SD card? It could be some issues with the PC as well.

Motorola W - User opinions and reviews - page 15

Some old PCs may time out when reading a folder with many files. But this seldom happens to less than photos. Thanks for your latest response, Simon. I have now installed Motorola Device Manager on to my Windows 7 laptop. The same problem exists. I wonder if the problem is related to a possible update of the Android 5. I do not know exactly when Android last updated itself, but I think it was during the past week. We know that only the most recent three pictures taken on 3 June show up in Device Manager.

All the other 72 photos, which still appear in the Gallery, were taken in late May. But within that folder, it only shows 3 of the 75 files images. They are all definitely in that folder. Not sure. On the phone, you can use file manager for example, es file explorer to copy the photos to another directory to see whether it helps. I posted here to get an analysis and explanation of a problem with Motorola Device Manager.

But these are alternative workarounds which do not address the original problem. There is an issue here which Motorola should be investigating. I will be interested in the solution, if and when one is found. Please note this is a community site and is not affiliated with Motorola.

We do feedback to Motorola as a user for problems which we can reproduce. I understand that this is not an official Motorola site, and I appreciate your efforts and comments.

Perhaps Motorola will pick up this subject and be able to offer an explanation? I have tried connecting it to the laptop with various cables which have worked with previous mobiles to transfer data. UNder the general tab of that it says the status is. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source.

Not sure about the error. You may have to try to uninstall the software, download again and install again. When installing, you need run as administrator even you are an administrator. I am Using Win Vista. If not, on the phone, you can try Settings—Storage, tap the menu key top right , tap USB computer connection. Ther is no unidentified devices drivers all installed properly, and USB computer connection already enabled. You may try a different USB cable. You need a normal usb cable.

Some handphone shops may sell charge only cables. On windows 7, when the phone is connected, in control panel -device manager, are there any unknown devices with! Also I can not access any files to transfer.

Please advice what to do now. I just unchecked before i unplugged.. When the phone is connect to the pc, you should have the notification. If not, reboot both the pc and the phone. Hi I am able to connect my moto e 2 gen to my PC and share files. OS of system is windows 8 and on phone its 5. I ve tried root. Cmd process. Virtual routers. Nothing worked. Is there any other way you can help me with? I recently bought moto e 2nd gen. I have all the media of my old phone in my SD card which I inserted into the new phone.

Now I am not able to view the media like photos and videos in my sd card through the gallery app. Can you suggest me how to view them? You can also try a third-party gallery app. You can try QuickPic https: Recently i was upgraded my mobile os to android 5. If i do the above procedure can i expect that my PC can detect my phone and the OTG cable can also works.

The usb driver is still the old one. It should still connect your PC with Moto G. You can re-install the driver. You may try top clear the cache partition on the phone to see whether it helps.

Im facing the same as ayush said. I instaled moto device manager and i checked in control panel both showing …. You can also reboot both the phone and the pc, then try again.

You can also try different usb ports on the pc. Can anyone help me, I have a moto G 2nd gen, I can connect to my PC, charge it, etc, but I can only access the DCIM internal storage, I have heaps of pictures of my kids in the phone storage that simply will not show up on my PC not matter what I do, and yes I have the phone screen unlocked.

How do I access the phone storage via my PC to save my pics! If I lose my phone my pics are lost forever. You should choose MTP. I have try as above said, download Windows moto drivers and install. Install successfully and Congratulations!

My question is actually how to disconnect Moto G from PC. Is that procedure correct? It is OK. If you really want to be safe, you can shutdown the PC, then unplug. But this is normally NOT necessary. I purchased a Moto G 2nd gen. I want to transfer media files between my mobile and PC. I followed the above procedure and everything went well. I can see that my phone is recognized by the PC. The screen is also unlocked. If not, anyone any idea how I can get it charged for them using a standard from digital camera USB to USB mini cable without the software?

Guessing they'll just have to wait a couple of days and get the AC charger back or pick up a new one [Could still be potentially a problem with the mini USB connection on the phone so can't rule anything out]. Any use? I'll give it a try this evening with the driver download listed and two others I've downloaded but seems it can throw up random errors not finding the phone etc. Hopefully this one will do the trick.

Thanks for the link an old unlocked Nokia hanging around so they won't be cut off worst comes to the worst. Have you tried all USB ports? Perhaps it needs one on a powered hub internal or external?

I don't think you need the SW in order to charge the phone. Have you tried it on another PC first? High on style and technology, the Volvo XC90 is an incredibly satisfying everyday crossover. General discussion. You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

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