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Best software to scan, fix bad sectors and test hard disk (Seagate, Hitachi). Check your HDD health using repair & diagnostic tools for Windows. 5 days ago 7 Freeware To Check And Repair Hard Disk With Bad Sectors Freeware & Method To Recover Data From Crashed or Damaged Hard Drive. Fixing bad sector issues on your HDD is not an easy task. Here are 2 bad sector repair tools that you can install on Windows

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Bad sector can occur on all storage devices like hard drives, external HDD, This article is devoted to explaining bad sectors and free bad sector repair tool. Flobo Hard Disk Repair is selected as the best hard drive bad sector repair tool, which is professional in fixing hard drive that is corrupted. Refer to this article to get a powerful third party tool to complete this This tutorial introduces a powerful bad sector repair software and As the name suggests, a bad sector is a sector on a computer's disk drive or flash drive.

In addition to using the Windows built-in tool to fix bad sectors, you can also use a third party bad sector repair software to easily complete this operation. Select Properties from the context menu that appears. Photo Repair Repair multiple corrupt photos in one go. Checks health status of the hard drive. It is capable of finding bad sectors on your disk and marking them as such. Something weird will happen if the hard disk has bad sectors, for instance, operating system can't boot normally; hard disk can't be formatted; when you open a file, error is reported. DiskGenius DiskGenius is a freeware which is compatible with all Windows editions and enables you to find out whether hard disk has errors.

The role of hard disk in a computer system can't be argued as it is where you will store the operating system and other files. Hard drive bad sectors makes the hard drive inaccessible to read and write operations and is very common.

The data on the bad sectors may be lost temporarily and permanently depending on the cause i. Hardware errors are impossible to fix and it would be best to backup the hard drive and replace it. Software errors can be fixed with a software application designed for the specific task.

Bad tool repair drive sector hard

It is one of the best software to repair hard drive bad sectors that you can find online. HDD Regenerator can not only scan the hard drive for bad sectors, but also repair them if possible.

Bad repair sector drive tool hard

If repair is not possible, you can at least some of the information stored on it with the help of HDD Regenerator. Flobo hard disk regenerator is bad sector removal software that allows users to recover their hard drive. Flobo hard disk bad sector repair software makes the operating system of your computer working again. This utility makes a scan of the hard drive and shows the bad sectors and can also predict the hard drive failure.

It monitors the health status of the hard drive and repairs any errors encountered. With the predictions about the hard drive failure, you will be able to save your data from being lost by making a backup at the right time. HDDScan utility is a hard drive diagnostics tool that you can use to repair the hard drive bad sectors.

When you work with HDDScan, you will be able to perform a detailed check on the errors on the hard drive due to software problems.

Bad repair drive hard tool sector

You can also perform a health check of the hard drive for degradation and predict possible failure. This will be helpful as it will help make a backup of your hard drive band prevent permanent loss of the data.

As the name suggests Active Hard Disk Monitor is utility software to check the health status of the hard drive.

7 Freeware To Check And Repair Hard Disk With Bad Sectors

Not only it supports monitoring and displaying hard drive bad sectors, the temperature is also displayed on it. The reports can be used to prevent data loss due to hard drive corruption. Macrorit Disk Scanner is a disk checkup utility that checks the hard drive for bad sectors and marks the bad sectors. This is one of the fastest tools to scan for the hard drive bad sectors and also supports a multitude of hard drives.

It also supports portable operation, meaning you can scan an offline disk by copying the tool to a USB flash drive. In Windows, there is a built-in utility that allows checking hard drive bad sectors.

Restoring Bad Sectors and Fixing HDD Errors

It can also repair the bad sectors if they are not caused by physical damage or device failure. The working of the tool is similar for all versions of windows like XP, 7, 8, 8. Follow the below steps to check and repair bad sectors in hard drive with built-in Error Checking tool on Windows.

Step 1: Step 2: Right-click on the hard drive you want to scan for errors and click "Properties". Step 3: Now, click on the "Tools" tab in Properties dialog box.

Bad Sector Repair Software Free Download

Step 4: Then click on the "Check Now" button below the "Error-Checking" section. Step 5: This will start the scan and repair task.

Close the programs and files in use on the drive which you want to check. This is because Error Checking tool needs to dismount the drive before starting the checkup and opened files can cause conflict with it.

You can also schedule a disk checkup.

Error Checker will automatically run the disk checkup when you boot the system the next time. Virus infection is one of the main reasons that can cause hard disk bad sectors.

There are many viruses that can remove or modify system registries and file system table. If they removed a link to a file or folder from the system registry, then it will become inaccessible. Viruses can cause logical hard drive bad sectors but they can't damage the hard drive physically. Generally repairing logical bad sectors are easier to remove and for physical damage, you would need to replace the hard drive.

By removing the viruses from the system, you will be able to solve any bad sectors errors on your hard drive.

Hard drive use physical parts such as drive heads to read and write the data on it. When the drive is active, it constantly moves from one location of the hard drive to other. If you don't properly shutdown the system, the drive head may damage the disk. Once the hard drive is damaged, the damaged part won't be available for reading and write operations and cause bad sectors. Moreover, this type of physical hard drive bad sectors can't be repaired.

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They should be marked off-limits for write operations as the data may not be written and gets lost. The sudden shutdown may also be caused by Blue Screen of Death error. The data on a hard drive is stored adhering to a specific design.

The file system does the task of allocating space to a file and an error in the file system can compromise the whole system integrity. Some parts on the hard drive may become inaccessible for reading and write operations. You can use the chkdsk utility on windows to scan and fix file system errors. Heat is the enemy of every computer component and same is the case with the hard drive.

Hard drives are not meant to be used at high temperatures as the disk can get damaged. Moreover, it can damage other internal components in the hard disk. So, hard drive bad sectors can be caused by overheating and if you don't want to lose data due to this use the hard drive at optimum temperatures.

Every hard drive suffers from wear and tear with use and has a fixed life.

If you haven't replaced your hard disks for a long time, your data may be at risk. Hard Drive accumulates some kind of damage over time and this can cause hard drive bad sectors.

The rate at which this can occur depends on how you use it, but it will give in someday. You can always choose to preview files before purchasing a license code for a full hard drive data recovery.

And retry EaseUS data recovery software again to find as many lost files as you can. Here we arrived at the specialized Flobo Hard Disk Repair, which is designed to fix hard disks damaged because of bad sectors.

Other than the ability to repair damaged hard disks without affecting or changing existing data, one more brilliant feature of Flobo Hard Disk Repair is noticeable that it can check S. Tracy King - Is your external hard drive showing wrong capacity on your computer?

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Windows server, exchange and SQL Server backup solution to ensure business continuity. Need easy iPhone data transfer software? Disk Copy Pro. Summary Flobo Hard Disk Repair is selected as the best hard drive bad sector repair tool, which is professional in fixing hard drive that is corrupted, damaged or dead due to bad sectors.