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Air Mouse Brochure, Video and Software Download Center - from Gyration. Air Mouse Mobile · GO Plus with Low Profile Keyboard · GO Plus with Compact. Air Mouse GO Plus - Frequently Asked Questions - from Gyration. Air Mouse GO Plus models include the Air Mouse GO Plus, GO Plus with Compact Wireless Keyboard, and GO Plus with Low Profile Wireless Keyboard - from.

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Air Mouse GO Plus - Award-winning rechargeable wireless mouse that works both on the desktop and handheld for presentations - from Gyration. and Linux with operating system USB driver installed. Package Contents. • Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus with MotionSense™ and Optical. Sensor. • GHz USB. the target and allows you to click more accurately. Double-clicking the in-air activation trigger puts the Air Mouse in motion mode so you can move the cursor.

Related Products. Can this be corrected? This makes 'touch-typing' more difficult. For returns directly to Gyration, contact our Product Support personnel for an RMA authorization and return shipping address. The mouse glides quite irregularly over the underground and is rather loud at the same time.

Connect the devices as shown in your Quick Start Guide. Move the receiver away from other electronic devises e. The Gyration 2.

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The problem with network interference generally is caused by the wireless router or access point being set up to broadcast over the entire 2. There should be set up options in the router or access point to set the broadcast bandwidth to something other than all channels available in the 2.

Once the SSID is changed the problem should go away preferred non-overlapping channels are 1, 6, and Your batteries are low.

Recharge the internal battery pack by placing the mouse on its charging cradle. The light will only come on when the mouse is transmitting to the USB receiver, while holding the activation trigger move the mouse the light should come on.

The speed or acceleration may not be set properly. Change the cursor tracking speed in the mouse control panel. It is possible that the gyroscope is not activated.

Air Mouse Brochure, Video and Software Download Center

Squeeze or double-click the trigger on the bottom of the mouse. Generally speaking you should not have problems with the cursor drifting since the mouse was calibrated prior to shipping. If you do experience drift just set the mouse on the charge cradle for 5 minutes and it will recalibrate. If plugged into the system, make sure the system is turned on. It's likely that your keyboard batteries are exhausted.

Check battery charge and installation and replace if necessary. First, check to see if the batteries are not depleted and installed correctly. If the Hotkeys still do not function, consult your Windows or Mac operating system hotkey requirements.

This is an indication a key was accidently pressed first before the "bind" button on the keyboard. Wait 10 seconds and observe the LED lights on the keyboard have stopped flashing.

Then press the "connect" on the back of the keyboard, avoiding any other key in the process.

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No, the Gyration GO product line uses the 2. Provides an extra AC Adapter, avoiding down-time. Replaces lost or damaged USB receivers. Provides an extra receiver, eliminating down-time. Works with current Air Mouse Mobile products. Replaces lost or damaged Mobile USB receiver.

Charges two GO Plus batteries simultaneously.

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Provides an extra GO Plus battery. Includes a charging stand with cables. Includes a Gyration AC Adapter. Charges multiple batteries simultaneously. Compatible with current GO Plus models. Replaces lost or damaged rechargeable battery.

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