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Where can I find more information on Trinidad and Tobago? How much does it cost to get my driver's permit? 13 Find the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago?. The Transport Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise the general public of the fees required to renew expired driver's permits: *Six (6) . Trinidad and Tobago REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY FOR A DRIVER'S PERMIT For a Class 2 application or an applicant who is differently abled is required.

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Following is the application forms that are to be used for applying for renewal of driver license. Complete Application for Driving. Tel: APPLICATION FORM FOR THE. CERTIFICATION OF A TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO DRIVER'S LICENSE. Please complete in BLOCK letters. In Trinidad and Tobago, you could obtain a learner's permit at your 17th birthday. Licenses to . The applicant would visit the nearest Licensing Authority office and submit an application for the endorsement. Provided that the applicant does not.

To apply for a permit to operate an omnibus, the applicant must have driving experience of over 10 years and must be in possession of class 5 for a period of at least three of the aforementioned years. The applicant would then also receive a date for the first exam that they would have to undergo, which is commonly called "Driving Regulations", which comprises excerpts from both the Highway Code and the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Chapter Fixed Penalty Tickets and Imprisonment. The applicant must also be able to produce a certificate of good character and a certificate of fitness attesting to good medical health. Languages Add links. The predefined demerit points allotted for each traffic offences and traffic violations are said to be on par with other international countries for similar types of offences.

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