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Desctiption: This download contains the Euronav supplied USB-Serial adapter driver for 32 & 64 bit Windows OS. Requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7. Home > Products > GPS Products >GPS Mouse Receiver Channel GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition - Vehicle tracking & Location base . GPS Mouse User's Guide V (WIN) . Simply load the GPS driver, plug . Once the USB GPS receiver's driver and your personal mapping.

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i am looking for a driver for my GPS mouse type GMUB. Any ideas were to find one?. Download Drivers For USB GPS Receivers JFT-AV01 and JFT-AV02 in just one click. All Supported GPS-Receivers Drivers by Manufacturer. A-mego Drivers · ASUS Drivers. Driver Update Utility. DriverTuner was created to save your time.

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When you get done, test your installation for gps accuracy. Especially moving slowly, check if the course is stable. Many internal gps chips are not up to the task. Takes a lot of smoothing on the side of the software in use. On many mobile devices with gps built-in the gps must be switched off and connected to a nmea gps data stream over wifi.

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Much more stable. Quality tablets and phones do not show this limitation. Read more in Connections for Linux. The response will be all groups that the user belongs to.

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If not, you have to add your user to this group. There are many ways to do this, one is to issue this command: Logout of your current session for group changes to take effect. All major Linux distribution includes a graphical user settings dialog, where adding a user to a group, could be fixed.

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If this is a new installation, click on the Toolbox icon and configure your GPS source, chart directories, and other settings. More user experience of setting up bluetooth GPS are welcome, as the notes below just reflects a few users experience. Please use the Forum. Once you have done that you will need to find what the address of the GPS is.

To do that you run this command:. You should see something similar to:. We do this with the following command:. Note put your GPS address in this line You should not have to run these commands each time your linux is restarted as it will remember your GPS address.

Text should be:. If it works, try running opencpn without sudo, chances are that you cannot see the gps. Change XX: Note that you can add it yourself by writing directly into the scroll down box.

Make sure you belong to that group. Nearly all hardware uses one of just two chip makes: Both those companies make OS X drivers available on their web sites, but manufacturers of GPS devices usually package the driver with device.

GPS-Receivers Drivers

When the driver is installed and the device connected, start OpenCPN, select the Options icon and click the Connections tab. Select Serial. It is not always obvious which is the correct one, but in general the device will have a name starting: If the correct selection has been made, you should see the GPS status icon change from red to green.

However experienced users are invited to report the specifics about using USB ports with Virtual Configurations. Please be specific about the setup and software and explain how virtual USB ports work in that environment. These commenta will eventually make their way into this section. This can affect the connection and reliability of the connection for GPS. OpenCPN is user powered, so we depend on User's sharing their experiences.

Please assist us. Trace GPS Setup.

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GPS Setup Below we describe only the basics of getting a gps up and running. Use the manufacturers software U-blox Center, GpsInfo, etc.

Install and run the manufacturers software this is not the driver, that is installed already for the device. Then be sure to turn of the Manufacturer's Software as it has captured the port, such that it will not be available to Opencpn. There are a variety of possible choices for a GPS receiver: Download the latest driver from Prolific - http: Choose Driver. Select bits per second, 8 data bits, None parity, 1 stop bit, and None for Flow Control.

Start OpenCPN.

GPS Mouse Receiver

Click on the Options Icon. Launch this program to install the diagnostic utility. Click on the ToolBox Icon.

Install the gpsd and gpsd-clients packages. On Ubuntu When you plug in your gps this will trigger gpsd to start. If xgps isn't working, it's a gps or gpsd problem, not an OpenCPN problem.

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Make sure that gpsd isn't running then connect your gps and start OpenCPN. The gps should now work…if not, check the NMEA data stream window. If only binary garbage is visible, the gps has to be reset to NMEA mode, see more about this above in windows section. An alternative is to use gpsd, that will work with the gps in Sirf mode. Skip to content. Home Contents About Documents Index. I found the answer deep inside of this message thread: Worked like a charm for me. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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