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If you guys could list some city/big town maps that would be great. Trying to find some good ones. Here you can download maps for for free. Players will be able to organize racing races in large cities and desert areas. For full awareness of. Lookin' for a new city map to drive 'round on. I've downloaded quite a few community-maps, but have never run into one that has a real city.

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Skateboard Arena map for BeamNG Drive this is a big. Colonial Run – The Railroad Map – BeamNG DRIVE Generic City Map – BeamNG DRIVE. Generic . Download Maps for for free. Automatic installation of mods for beam ng drive only on our site!. What are the best maps for cities that could be used for role play in the future.

The money that I have currently cannot be used with services like that. Oct 9, Messages: Subways and surface Rail! Last edited by Warbird ; 24 Sep, 4: Like x 1 Agree x 1. Beta versions will come out several times a year for the public to consume regardless. So if you enjoyed those, they'll be here too, where appropriate.

See most recent pics if you'd like something to look at. It even has an abandoned mall that you can drive in that's TWO levels, no muzak yet though, so bring your own Vaporwave It also has it's own subway system two miles with two identical stations in place, and a third station that's sunken into the ground a bit that's mostly done but needs a little move-stuff-around-a-bit magic.

Maps for

It's got a few blocks built up full nicely already and a few miles of highway with interchanges re-done 5 miles?? It's got a lot of fun packed into it for what it is thus far and will have much, much, MUCH more.

There's also Los Beamos by someone else that's rather new and not done yet, and an old Generic City map if it still loads up that is. There's also an unfinished port of Burnout's Paradise City map coming to BeamNG if the guy ever gets it to run better. It may happen. AI works pretty well though normally, as good as to be expected, and can be good for chases - very very LONG chases.

Heck, spawning an AI car in a random spot, and then trying to even find it can take a very long time. At the default spawn is the worst performance, go figure. I've also done other maps like Nevada Interstate , but that's mostly a desert and a VERY little village plus a circut-track styled US highway that doesn't know it's not just a fancy looking race-track, and Tail of The Dragon Deal's Gap which is 12 mile a snaking road up a mountain.

City map drive beamng

If you like Tail of The Dragon, you'll also like the Pikes Peak that I didn't make in it's various rendition floating around on this website. AI works wonderful on Tail of The Dragon though, lane-minder and all. Nevada also has fairly good AI though it might bug out in one or two spots, give it a shot and see how it works.

It's an old map - my first one - but it's a labor of love and it shows. There's also Garfield Heights which just saw an update, not quite done, but there's a lot of suburban stuff jammed into a small space.

I believe AI should work fine here too. You can get to my map resources by viewing my profile, I believe. It might be on the left on the profile page, just have a look around or use search. Like x 1. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

Drive map beamng city

Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? My body is toast. My joints are gone, I get migraines, stomach issues, PTSD, and many days have trouble getting around the house. The pain is unbearable on a daily basis, as I refuse the pills that addict you - which I feel is the right choice, being the better of two evils. I am only in my mid to late 30s.

That was 5 years ago and It's only gotten worse. Seeing as I must support myself, social security income is limited, and there's not much 'work' I can really do. However, all that sorry song-and-dance aside, I have a whole lot of time on my hands. Lots of time. Now comes the PTSD - okay I'll keep it short - I've got to keep occupied enough to keep my brain 'distracted' or I'll have issues with it.

Not good.

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Enter, the computer, BeamNG. Drive , and a desire for over 20 years of PC use to make my own race tracks, cities, and pack it with as much fun as possible. The previous pinnacle I've got a map coming up, that will top that.

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It will top it with custom models for homes and much road infrastructure to the like of not seen before in this game, short of something the developers or a handful of top-quality mappers have made.

That's not the best part though. A fully modular, puzzle-piece kit of: Surface Roads - large and small - from side streets to large boulevards with up to 6 lanes. Highways, on the ground and raised up.

Maps for BeamNG Drive

Complete with bridges for raised portions in cities. Tunnels, to fit the larger surface roads, or even be used over rail tracks - which brings me to the next part.

Drive city map beamng

Subways and surface Rail! The best part!

I've already got one subway station you can drive into.