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Live Chat. Mobile Phones & Tablets Available 24/7. Television, Audio & Digital Appliances Monday-Sunday (including holidays) AM - If the touchpad doesn't work, the touchpad may be disabled, or the touchpad drivers and software may need to be updated or reinstalled. I have a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (NPX3G-K03US) laptop running Windows - this model. I updated the Touchpad Driver to version ; however, the installation failed and simply stated "Failed()" - screenshot of the error below. If yes, would Microsoft have any links.

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The package provides the installation files for Samsung Elan TouchPad Input Device Driver version If the driver is already installed. I did a little research and found out that the culprit is the Elan touchpad driver which both Windows Update and Samsung Update. Recently I have problem with the Elan touchpad on my Samsung I think all the Elan drivers are similar so I google it, yes I got the new Elan driver on my Samsung (ATIV Book 6); thank you for the link to the ELAN drivers.

Looking at the posts it seemed that it was very hit or miss with getting this to work. Upgrading the driver from Samsung helped but still was erratic in remote desktop sessions where I spend half my day I am an IT Consultant. Good luck! I would really appreciate more info. Incidentally, I ended up getting another Series 9 and when that one ended up having some other major problems I got rid of both.

It then hit me, how could this be a hardware issue if I can do two finger scrolling? Surely if the touchpad can see my two fingers scrolling it can feel the two fingers click the pad!

Immediately I called the woman at MS to tell her I and the Samsung support technician must have been wrong. It HAS to be a software issue. To my amazement the number she gave WAS a direct line to her and she picked up almost immediately.

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What service! She had actually been researching the issue and talking to the guys in the lab. They were scratching their heads over the problem. I told them it must be a driver issue and coincidentally the latest drivers came out August 29th which was 3 days before I received my laptop. Maybe THAT was the issue. It seems that some touchpads are out of alignment. Or were they? Many people complained about the fact that the touchpad is smooth and streamlined at the top but at the bottom there is a little bezel as it is lower on each side.

Driver touchpad samsung ativ

Finally one person said that they think this is a design choice and is purposefully done that way as there is hidden hardware functionality in the bottom corners. I clicked the bottom right corner, as close to the bezel as possible. I can only deduce from this that when the initial builds came out there was a two finger right click as on the MacBook Air.

Elan touchpad driver incompatibility (Samsung laptop) Solved - Windows 10 Forums

Since then there has been a driver change that altered how this works. Unfortunately there is NO documentation on it and neither Samsung technical support or Microsoft technical support are aware of it or at least the people I spoke with.

The woman at Microsoft was glad to hear what happened. She had been speaking with the people in the labs and they may put multi touch back on the default menu as well as fast start. Wait, sorry, but did you fix it on your own, then, or did you have to bring it to them to have it fixed?

Touchpad samsung driver ativ

If you did fix it on your own, how did you do it? If it just started happening to you now then I would assume that it is either a hardware or a driver issue unlike with me. What exactly seems to be the problem though?

Incidentally, I ended up getting another Series 9 and when that one ended up having some other major problems I got rid of both. I replaced it with an Asus Ux1 Ultrabook and never looked back. It was the best decision I ever made. Maybe we can help!

Touchpad driver ativ samsung

I love it! Not quite as much as my MacBook, but close. The one thing that is driving me crazy, is the functionality of the touchpad. My MacBook allows actual programming of the touchpad so that the left side performs left click and the right side performs right click functions. The Samsung does not offer particular functionality in the touchpad set-up.

And, clicking close to the bezel in the lower right corner, does nothing on my unit…. This drives me so crazy, I may return the unit… but hate to since it offers a lot of other nice features. Does anyone offer aftermarket drivers for the Samsung Synaptics touchpad, that offers the Mac-style features?

I loved it too. Unfortunately it ended up having just too many issues so after I went through a second one I sent it back and got the Asus instead. With two fingers?

Ativ driver samsung touchpad

I wish I had more answers for you. The Samsung driver, once enabled, did have quite a lot of features in it, even four finger swipes. Behavior is only erratic when it it plugged in and that is where it gets overly sensitive, jittery, and unuseable. That leads me to believe that the touchpad only acts up when there is certain noise on the line.

So, a workaround is to just plug it into a small surge protector in-line with the power supply. Something like this:.

Samsung Series 9 touchpad issue RESOLVED!

Apparently they fixed it on later versions, maybe you got an older one? When it was plugged into power the touchscreen was sometimes erratic as well. Anyway, thanks for the update! Just as an interesting science update to this, the touchpad issue is being caused by the power adapter and your wall power lines acting as an AM antenna — the computer is not designed to filter out electrical noise at this frequency, and it seems to result in touchpad interference.

The touchpad works on a similar frequency, it would seem. The surge protector helps with this issue by changing the effective length of your antenna, due to its capacitance. Awesome, thanks for the info!

I had someone call me out of the blue the other day regarding this as well, this was his response which can hopefully help others: That was 3 weeks ago… since installing the power conditioner, the jumping cursor problems have stopped. Many thanks for the invaluable advice on how to get rid of this irritating problem!

Wow, Reading this and going nuts with my trackpad. No matter what I did, washed it carefully, washed my hands — no matter what, I would wiggle all over the place. As soon as I unplugged the power it is completely still!

I was wondering if you can test your laptop and see if suffers from the same problem mine does. My Computer Computer Type: Intel Core iU Memory: Intel HD Graphics New 21 Aug 2. Hi, Start with a backup of your system as a precaution and try this, it may help but I haven't tried it as I don't have a Samsung laptop. My Computers You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this Acer Aspire A OS: Windows IP Intel iU Motherboard: Intel HD Sound Card: Realtek Monitor s Displays: Generic Hard Drives: Edge Antivirus: Windows Defender Other Info: Computer Type: Predator G OS: Windows 10 Acer Memory: GTX Sound Card: Generic Screen Resolution: Samsung Evo GB Browser: New 21 Aug 3.

Hello I've had a similar issue when upgrading a Samsung R to windows The pad worked but the control pad showed nothing to change the settings etc. Touchpad Problems help? Book 9 Edition Discussion in ' Samsung ' started by kovsky , Oct 7, Hi everyone, I got an Ativ Book 9 Edition yesterday and am having some issues with the track pad Tapping the touchpad instead of pressing: When tapping to go to a different tab on chrome, instead of navigating to the tab I want to go to, the laptop either drags the tab away to form a new window, or moves the tab's position in the window I don't have this problem when I press the touchpad, only when tapping.

It doesn't recognise small movements either. It waits until you've been moving your finger across the touchpad for a while before it starts moving I can't for my life, find where the touchpad settings are. I've found some but they are infuriatingly basic. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks, Mat. Hi kovsky, welcome to NBR.

Dannemand , Oct 7, This is the extent of my control panel. There's no section for the touchpad, only the touch screen. Which model number do you have? If you have the new