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Nov 15, USB Secure is a portable security software. It helps you to password protect flash drives and USB drives. Compatible with Windows 10 and. File and Folder Locker is a Free and Portable File and Folder Locking Tool “ Encryption Tool” created by Al Emran Tareq. It can be used to encrypt and password. Pen drive is one of the outstanding USB drives widely used in workplace USB security is a type of outstanding USB data security software to prevent any.

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Free download Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption to start locking your pen drive now. you password protect files, folders, and data on your USB stick and computer. 5 days ago Flash drive, also known as thumbdrive are portable storage devices. external drives with reliable security for your files & folders on USB Drives. USBCrypt is a powerful software encryption utility for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. Jan 21, Five of the best USB encryption software for are Folder Lock, Dynamikode USB Security Suite, VeraCrypt, 7-Zip and Rohos Mini.

They all work on PC. Unfortunately, you cannot password protect your entire USB flash drive, like you can password protect your PC or phone. This tool installs to your flash drive thus making your drive protected at all times. Mac's OS X has built-in file encryption capability. It also offers a portable encryption tool for working with an encrypted partition on any PC.

Folder lock usb software drive pen

Folder Lock is a great tool, and it will allow you to easily protect files on your USB flash drive. Protecting your USB flash drive from unauthorized access is rather simple, and you can do so by using this tool. After starting the application and entering the password you can easily access the protected drive. Regarding the compatibility, this application is fully compatible with all sorts of removable storage. The software uses multiple layers of protection, therefore your files will remain protected at all times.

This tool allows you to protect your files by creating an encrypted partition on a USB flash drive. Your partition will be protected by password and encrypted using the AES bit encryption. We also have to mention that encryption follows NIST standards. The tool allows you to use the encrypted partition on any other PC without installing Rohos Mini Drive. We also have to mention that this tool uses a secure virtual keyboard so your password will remain hidden from keyloggers and malicious users.

Rohos Mini Drive is a simple tool, and the free version allows you to create partitions up to 8GB in size.

This is a portable application, so it can work on any PC without installation. In addition, the drive will become locked as soon as you disconnect it from the PC, thus protecting your files from unauthorized access. This is a simple and portable application, and in order to use it you just need to copy it to your USB stick and run it.

Pen software usb drive folder lock

After that, the application will create a password protected drive that will appear whenever you connect your USB flash drive. This is another tool that can protect your USB flash drive or any other removable media. The application is PC independent, so it will run on any computer without any problems.

USB Secure is a simple tool and you can protect your drive and files with a single click.

This application works as a virtual drive, which means that you can securely modify your protected files. Speaking of which, you can view your files in read-only mode or you can access them directly.

We have to mention that you can easily add and protect files without unlocking your drive thus further increasing the security.

5 excellent USB privacy software to protect your flash drives

The tool is simple to use, and it comes with a user-friendly interface. Cryptainer LE is a portable application which means that you can run it on any PC right from your flash drive. The software uses virtual drives to protect your files, and you can have unlimited number of virtual drives on your USB flash drive.

Lock folder software drive pen usb

You can access the drives directly and easily copy and encrypt any file. All your files and folders are password protected and safe from any unauthorized access on virtual drive. The application has tabbed interface so you can easily work with multiple encrypted drives. Each volume is represented by a new tab so you can easily navigate through multiple volumes.

The tool is simple to use, and even basic users should be able to work with this application. We also have to mention that this tool allows you to send encrypted self-extracting files. This feature can be quite useful if you want to send sensitive data to someone else.

Cryptainer LE is a great tool, and you can download and try it for free. The tool allows you to protect your files with a password and it will also encrypt your files with AES encryption.

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After setting a password you just need to add the files that you want to your protect, and they will be secured with a password. The application is simple to use, and it supports multi-thread processing so you can easily encrypt your files. SanDisk SecureAccess 3. The application also has automatic logout time-out so your files will be safe even if you leave your USB flash drive connected.

The full version also allows you to share private data with others and to assign a drive letter for your vault in order to encrypt files easier. DiskCryptor is a freeware solution that can help you protect your USB flash drive.

The tool supports AES, Twofish, and Serpent encryption algorithms, which should be enough for most users. DiskCryptor also allows you to place the boot loader on an external media and to authenticate by using that media.

Pen folder lock drive software usb

DiskCryptor is a freeware tool and you can use it without any restrictions, so be sure to try it out. This application installs on your USB flash drive, and it will protect it from unauthorized access on any PC. The application is simple to use, and you can protect your data in three simple steps. Just like many other tools on our list, this application will create a virtual drive that you can easily access.

USB Security is a simple tool, so it will be perfect for basic users.

File and Folder Locker

If you want to protect your USB flash drive, you might want to consider this tool. This tool works with all sorts of removable media, so it will provide decent protection to your USB flash drive. The tool has a bit outdated interface, and some users might have problems adjusting to it.

Regarding the encryption, you just need to select the drive that you want to encrypt and choose between quick encryption or deep encryption. In addition, you can also enable portable mode so you can run this application on any PC.

This is a decent application that will protect your USB flash drive with a password. Another tool that can help you protect your files is USBCrypt.

According to the developer, the tool uses AES encryption that provides the strongest protection. This tool installs to your flash drive thus making your drive protected at all times.

How to Password Protect and Encrypt a Flash Drive: 5 Easy Methods

This application creates a virtual encrypted disk in which your files are stored, and since this virtual disk can only be accessed with a correct password, all your files will remain protected. Regarding the compatibility, this application can work with any removable storage such as portable hard drives, USB flash drives, etc.

The application can also work with internal hard drives. Video Converter macOS. Screen Recorder Pro. Video Editor macOS. Data Recovery macOS. USB flash drive is a small and portable device. It can be read and written on any device with a USB port. So we usually use USB to copy, write, or transport data among computers. Thus we should pay attention on protecting sensitive files and data carried on a USB stick.

Choose the drive and set the size of secure area will be created. You can refer to the picture below:. Set the user name and password of the secure area and click on the "OK" button to finish the operation.