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2, 1, AirStation Admin Tools,, A. 3, 2, AirStation設定ツール,, A. 年1月20日 ・BBR-4HGファームウェア for Windows Verβ 年4月9日 AirStation設定ツール Ver. AirStation.

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アップデータ Ver LinkStationシリーズのファームウェアアップデータです。 http:// Thank you for buying a Buffalo AirStation. For advanced users, use a wired Ethernet connection to access the Default LAN-side IP address: Download Buffalo Wi-Fi device drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver scan and update. BUFFALO WLI-UC-GHP Wireless LAN Adapter.

Plastik Ukuran: The inside of each atom has a slot where students can place one of the included nuts. There will be a 15 minute break every 2 hours. Daerah Penghasil Karet 6. Dinamo USA dye.

Suntech - China buah 43, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 69, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah , Water wheel complete with holder Roda Merek: Roda 57 mm, kincir 67 mm Bahan: Plastik Big Wheel roda Besar Merek: Suntech - China buah 70, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 1, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 33, Spesifikasi: Berbentuk Boneka dan gayung Ukuran 72 mm, Bahan: Suntech - China Ukuran: Suntech - China buah 32, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah , Kumparan lilitan, berinti baja Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 6, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 12, Spesifikasi: Terbuat dari plastik mempunyai sekrup bola lampu dan penghubung aliran listrik Ukuran ; 63 x 32 x 48 mm Erlenmeyer Holder Merek: Suntech - China buah 62, Pemegang Erlenmeyer Spesifikasi: Berbentuk lingkaran dengan bagian depan terbuka Ukuran: Suntech - China buah 22, Spesifikasi: Stainless steel Bulb Bola Lampu Merek: Suntech - China buah Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 35, Pemegang Lampu Spesifikasi: Mempunyai tempat dudukan lampu Ukuran: Suntech - China buah 72, Spesifikasi: Berbentuk bulat Ukuran: Plastik Elongation Pemanjangan Merek: Suntech - China buah 86, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 37, Spesifikasi: Tabung dengan kedua ujung mengerucut untuk memasukan selang Ukuran dia.

Tangki 70 mm bahan: Ukuran ; x 80 x 3 mm Bahan: Suntech - China buah 66, Spesifikasi: Volume ml Bahan: Suntech - China buah 61, Thermometer Merek: Suntech - China buah 61, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China buah 35, pemegangnya Spesifikasi: Penggaris dengan skala: Berbentuk huruf T dengan penyeimbang di tengah dengan dua pengait di ujung-ujungnya. Lokal - Indonesia buah 32, Spesifikasi: Ukuran ; 40x40x40mm Bahan: Suntech - China sets 4, Spesifikasi: Putih Coil Smoke Penggulung asap Merek: Suntech - China buah 13, Spesifikasi: Berbentuk kerucut Ukuran: Suntech - China buah 52, Spesifikasi: Katrol berganda Ukuran: Katrol besar: Neraca pegas ukuran 50 N.

Suntech - China buah 60, Spesifikasi: Berisi 2 baterai ukuran D. Suntech - China buah 5, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China sets 22, Spesifikasi: Jenis lensa cembung dan cekung. Ukuran cerobong: Papan bergambar rumah untuk percobaan pemasukan air dalam rumah Ukuran: Suntech - China buah 9,, Spesifikasi: Papan bergambar rangkaian listrik digunakan untuk percobaan yang berhubungan dengan arus listrik Ukuran: Berbentuk bulat,bagian tengah terdapat No.

Suntech - China buah 2,, Spesifikasi: Terbuat dari styrofoam yang berfungsi untuk menempatkan alat menempatkan alat Horizontal Board Papan Horizontal Merek: Berisi petunjuk yang digunakan untuk percobaan yang akan dilakukan oleh guru yang terdiri dari 25 percobaan Lock pin with string Merek: Terbuat dari plastik yang tergantung pada pegangan kotak Berfungsi untuk mengunci kotak Pipa Kapiler dan Pemegangnya Merek: Suntech - china, Spesifikasi: Suntech - China unit 7,, Type: Binocular head, Inclined at 30, Rotatable Eyepiece: Quintuple objective nosepiece Objectives: Mechanical Stage X mm, Moving range: Abbe NA 1.

Suntech - China unit 2,, Type: VCE-PW1 0. It looks like an eyepiece. It can be easily inserted into eyepiece tube of microscope, the video micro-image displays immediately on TV set. It is suitable for image demonstration. Standard accessory: DCE-PW1 0.

Equipped with different versions software. Suntech - China unit 3,, Type: N-PW10D Viewing head: Monocular Head Inclined at 45, Rotatable Eyepiece: Quadruple Nosepieces. Dust cover, Wooden box and instruction manual. Suntech - China set , Dalam box kayu ukuran x x 35 mm tiap kemasan terdiri dari 91 macam slide. Gambar terlihat jelas dan nyata dalam mikroskop, Tiap set terdiri dari: S, Artery and Vein sec.

Intestine of T. S, Ciliated epithelium of Gill, Lung sec. Blood Vessel injected with colored gelatin Kidney of sec. Blood vessel injected with colored gelatin , Testis T. Parascaris equorum , Cleavage stage of egg of frog sec. Olympus, Jepang - Disposable Injector Model: NA-2C-1 Set 9,, Merk: Olympus, Jepang - Disposable with over Model: Eppendorf -Germany, Type: Eppendorf - Germany Pcs 2,, Operating button blue for pipete tips 1.

Eppendorf - Germany Pcs 5,, Type: Research Adjustable Systematic error 0. Merck - Germany, Type: Merck -Germany, Type: Merck - germany, Type: Pipechek No. Microtiter plate reader nm Samples per kit: CAP Standards: Flouroquinolone-coated Microtiter Plate, one 96 well plate Flouroquinolone Standards: Communication No. Text To Choice No. Buah 5,, Merk: Structure and Properties of Matter: Warming and Cooling of a Pure Substance No.

Heat of Fusion and Vaporization 3. Sublimination 4. Boyle's Law 5. Ideal Gas Law 6. Electrolytes vs. Non-Electrolytes 7. Strength of Electrolytes 8. Ionic vs. Covalent Substances 9. Evidence of Reactions Chemical Synthesis Chemical Decomposition Single Replacement Double Replacement Reaction Acid-Base Titration Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Stoichiometry Kinetics Energy of Combustion Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction Determining Reaction Order Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Le Chatelier's Principle Equilibrium and the Common Ion Effect Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Entropy and Enthalpy PASCO 1.

Helps students visualize a mole in solid state. Made in: USA 2. Use as specific heat specimens, density Model SE specimens and examples of common elements. Characterize each specimen by density, atomic mass, etc. Investigate molar heat capacity and gain an greater understanding of thermodynamics.

The Mole set contains four element specimens: Copper, Iron, Zinc and Aluminum. Each sample contains one mole, 6. PASCO now easy as USA pre-formulated reagent in a vacuum sealed ampoule. This Water Quality Colorimeter is complete with built-in calibration curves to determine the concentration of ions in the solution for the ions listed in the specifications.

Every 1. Sampling Rate: The split beam monitoring ratio system Unit ,, Merk: PG Instrument - Spectral Bandwidth: UK - Wavelength Range: Silicon Photodiode - Dimensions: Safety functions: Alarm function Upper limit temp.

AirStation™ N Wireless USB Adapter

Air jacket gravity convection - Temp. Microprocessor P. Gravity Convection Unit 47,, Merk: Rise Time: SUS - Ventilation Port: For Operation: Speed Range: Unit 95,, Merk: Explore Gas Laws Made in: Study Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions 4.

Jp airset lan buffalo driver

Determine an Electrochemical Series Specifications: Includes 2 temperature, sound and voltage sensors. Real-time graphing and calculations from Floating Point Processor Built-in graphing calculator with expression editor. Built-in dual independent function generators.

Built-in speaker for sound output. Two fast response, low thermal mass temperature probes. Voltage probe. Built-in sound sensor. Built-in speaker. Power adapter and battery charger. Users guide and tutorial CD. A predicted data set is created as they draw on the graph.

Stable stirring for low and Set 70,, Merk: Under the load over Cat. Accurate pulse counter rotation speed display ensures the reproducibility.

DC brushless motor prevents spark and eliminates troublesome maintenance of brush. Compactly designed for the use with a reaction vessel. Chuck cover is equipped to prevent the hair from being wound up during rotation. PAT Safety features also include thermal protector, current limit switch, independent power switch. Air can be supplied to stirrer body through the air purge port which avoids the invasion of solvent or acid from outside. Troubles under the poorly ventilated atmosphere can be reduced.

Volume setting, digital display 4 digit - Safety features: Thermal protector, Current limit switch, Chuck cover - Additional function: Slow up-down, Free clamp - Motor: DC Brushless motor 40W - Torque: It is a self Set ,, Merk: Product protection No.

Driver airset jp buffalo lan

This unit is particularly suited to Tissue Culture work but is not suitable for use with pathogens. The microprocessor controlled membrane keypad allows straightforward operation of fan switching, lights and safety features.

Glass Working Height: Laminated Glass Inner Liner: Crevice free Stainless Steel Work Area: Recessed Stainless Steel Construction: Mild Steel with powder coating Noise Level: Double Electric Socket: Flexi Duct Vacuum Tap: Unit 23,, Merk: Wide Field 10x DSW10x field number: Stand Type: Regular type Base: Rubber eyeguards.

RS bi-directional interface, Second communication Unit 38,, Merk: Die cast aluminium housing with glass weighing chamber Pan size: USA Display: All head are inclined at Unit 20,, Merk: Wide Field 10x Eyepiece, F. Semi Pland and Pland objectives are also available as options.

Inward facing reserved Quadruple Nosepiece on ball bearing mount with click stop mechanism for smooth and accuracte operation. Quintuple nosepiece is also available as option. Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Adjustment with tention control knob and up-stopper to prevent the slide breakage.

Large mechanical Stage mmxmm, double plate system, travelling through 50 mm x 87 mm with coaxial drive control on left hand. Right hand drive is also available as option. Two slides can be held at time for comparison viewing. Stage Condenser: Abbe type N. WF 10x pair Accessories: Set ,, Merk: Variety of containers, manifold and chamber are selectable depending on container and purpose. Available containers: Low temperature trap for FDU, ensures dried, low water samples.

Adfreezing status on trap can be checked through transparent cover equipped on upper part of the instrument. Ice can be removed from front side. Maximum amount of dehumidification can be confirmed by attaching optional trap monitor. Also, it prevents moisture suction into pump. Interior part of the instrument is designed with safety construction, which is easy to clean, and pipe can be decomposed and cleaned.

Vacuum pump is OFF at the moment of recovery from power failure. Fresh air comes into the instrument through air filter 0. Brakeup can be performed at short time by hot gas method and users do not need to take long wait time even if samples are in large volume. Can-structure without attaching cooling coil in the trap enables an easy-removal of ice. Doors can be opened from either side of front or side. Easy maintenace work of vacuum pump is implemented. Stop watch time display is useful to check the freeze dry time test, and also to check the difference to dry condition in different dry time test.

Digital display allows user to check temperature, vacuum degree and integrating time at a glance. Digital display, Sheet key method Safety features: Electric leak, Excess current braker, Cooling machine protection circuit, Fuse for service outlet Deactivate vacuum condition: Vacuum automatic leak valve Trap brakeup: Brakeup method by hot gas Cooling machine: Air-cooling W x 2 Vacuum pump: Pirani vacuum indicator digital display 0. Air or nitrogen: Fuse Jack stroke: Induction motor 25W Bath model: OSB Temperature range: Digital min.

SUS , 5. T shaped base x mm Ambient temperature: Sheet key input, digital thermostat, 0. Copper nickel plated Overall dimensions mm: Pressurized circulation system by water pump. Ultimate vacuum: Check valve, thermal protector Motor: Induction motor W Aspirator element: Metal aspirator x 2 Nickel coated brass Bath dimensions: Polypropylene Suction nozzle: Magnetically coupled Cat. Compact design reduces space requirement. All models can be interfaced with microprocessor All models can be interfaced with microprocessor based automatic control system EPC or process controller as well as data logging to a host computer.

Built-in constant temperature bath realizes soft heating ideal for heat sensitive microbes. Safety features include Water level lowering, Overheating, sensor disconnection Voltage: Single glass vessel Drive shaft coupling: Magnetically coupled drive Mechanical seal is available optionally Thermo control range: Cooling water temp. Volume setting, analog meter Heater: ID x Bath capacity: These standards-based labs completely integrate the relevant science background, and provide a guided approach to thinking about a question and then discovering the science through measurement, analysis and reflection.

Experiment we can study: Energy from Electrons - Intermolecular Forces: Vapor Pressure - Heat of Reaction: Made from L grade stainless steel. Independently certified to PD X D mm Overall dims. Door Seal: Pneumatic Operating temperature: Safety Locks: The door is preventef from opening unless the safe load temperature has been reached and No.

Model KB 40S Exhaust system with heat insulated handles, integrated glass exhaust manifod and water jet pump. Two tier console mounted directly on the block. Include with controller TR Spesifications: The Turbosog works in two steps, separating and washing out acid fumes.

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The removal of the fumes is very efficient with extremely low running costs. System configuration: Cooling water consumption per min: Time temperature controller TZ. Insert rack EB-A made of aluminium with two insulated handles. Two yier console EBL-C with built-in motor for the vertical movement of the samples and water condensers. Motor W Weight: USA dye. Help students understand this concept more completely Model PS by directly measuring the production of oxygen.

The photosynthesis tank has two concentric Plexiglass chambers. This unique design allows students to control the environment without interfering with the measurements. Required Equipment: Transmittance, Absorbance, Energy Photometric Range: Gravity convection Unit 63,, Merk: Temperature control: Membrane key pad, Digital readout Timer function: Nichrome wire heater Temperature sensor: Unit 17,, No. All head are Made in: JAPAN inclined at 30 and rotable Siedentop tubes with Model CS B10 diopter adjustment provide large interpupilary distance 48 mm mm and ergonomical comfort for operators.

WF 10x pair Objectives: DIN Achromate Objectives are provided. DIN Objectives: Achromat 4x, 10x, 40xR, xR oil Revolving Nodepiece: Large mechanical Stage mm x mm, double plate system, travelling through 50 mm x 87 mm with coaxial drive control on left hand.

Unit 17,, Merk: Pole Type mm Base: Tension control pin, Dust cover Balance Capacity: ADAM Readbility: UK Repeatbility S. Die cast aluminium housing Pan size: Unit ,, Merk: Model SE Place cardboard or Styrofoam disks over the balls and observe the effects on volume as well. The sturdy design includes a Volt DC motor that agitates a membrane. The clear plastic cylinder provides degrees of visibility for thermodynamics demonstrations. Student Power Supply Features: Digital Meters: Voltage and current Constant Voltage Mode: Output voltage: Output current: USA Light: USA C with 0.

Resolution is switchable Model SEA from 1 to 0. The sampling rate is three measurements per second. Battery life is approximately hours Barometer Range: USA Barometer: Normal Forces Made in: Wave Properties 4. Atmospheric Pressure 5. Dynamic Model of Solid Materials 6.

Excellent Visualization of Wave Motion 7. Easily Assembled into a Variety of Configurations The atoms of the Matter Model are brightly colored spheres specifically designed to allow students to better understand the structure of matter. The bonds between the atoms are modeled by springs. The atoms can be configured into many patterns No. Each atom can be opened and closed using two snaps. The inside of each atom has a slot where students can place one of the included nuts.

PASCO materials to study the density concept. Each material set Made in: USA includes four pieces of various sizes in a plastic storage tube. Model SE For each set, students measure the mass and volume of each piece and produce a mass vs.

Students will better understand density as a mathematical concept and realize that density is constant for a given material. Includes each of the following materials in 4 different sizes: Experimentally determine the temperature of Made in: Investigate the relationship between pressure and temperature Gay-Lussac's Law 3. USA performing interference experiments. The index of refraction of styrene is determined. The built-in degree and millimeter scales ensure accurate measurements.

Setup is quick and accurate. Unit 63,, System Sensor Ports: USA wavelength is demonstrated for different bulb temperatures. Model EX, CI, CIG The spectrum of an incandescent light bulb is scanned by hand using a prism spectrophotometer, which measures relative light intensity as a function of angle. A Broad Spectrum Light Sensor is used with a prism so the entire spectrum from approximately nm to nm can be scanned without the overlapping orders caused by a grating.

The wavelengths corresponding to the angles are calculated using the equations for a prism spectrophotometer. The temperature of the bulb's filament can then be measured indirectly by determining the resistance of the bulb from the measured voltage and current.

From the temperature, the theoretical peak wavelength can be calculated and compared to the measured peak wavelength. Experiment Includes: Interface Science Workshop Power: For measuring full-scale voltages the total error is less than 15 mV, accounting for the gain error in the input amplifier.

Sample rate range: Analog Output: DC value ranges: USA for a car traveling over hills and loops on a curved track Model EX This apparatus can be configured in many ways. The white board background is convenient for writing calculations or making marks for measuring heights.

Nickel ring Dark Current: USA viewing of the oil droplets. The droplet viewing chamber Model EX utilizes a special condenser to minimize droplet drift typically caused by droplet illumination and outside air currents.

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An ionization source allows the droplet charge to be changed. USA industrial water and wastes. Titration tests performed with LaMotte's Direct Reading Titrators provide results in ppm for 6 additional factors. Digital meters measure pH and conductivity. Reagent Test: Ammonia-Nitrogen UK Specifications: Czerny - Turner configuration Spectral bandwidth: Light Source: Self-Reversal Background Correction: The first utilises a deuterium lamp and the second is the proven methode of self reversal.

Data Processing Determination method: Titanium alloy burner Nebulizer: High- efficiency glass nebulizer Atomization chamber: Corrosion- resistant material Position adjustment Automatic changeover of flame and furnace Automatic setting of optimum height for flame burner Safety: Automatic ignition and of mixing air- acetylene gas with safety control Power Supply: Completed with: EYELA for environmental testing and cultivating plants.

Fluorescent light Air fow: Descending Air Temp. Mode 1: Heater control, PID control, Mode 2: White fluorescent light 40W x 15pcs Refrigilator, refrigerant: USA Wavelength Accuracy: Grating - based system Optical Mount: Modified Ebert Grating: Quartz halogen Bulb Life: Silicon photodiode Temperature Range: Yes Wavelength Selection: Automatic User Tests: Yes, up to 25 can be entered and edited Datalogging: Yes, RS Diagnostics: Yes Power: Gravity Convection Unit 52,, Merk: Unit 26,, Merk: Wide Field 10x DHW10x field number: Pole Type mm Incident Light: Fluorescent Lamp 9W Base: Unit 22,, Merk: USA Resolution: LSD Accuracy: Controlled by volume setting Speed indication: Digital display Safety features: Fuse, Motor overload protection circuit Additional function: DC Brushless motor 90W Max.

Option No. Combination air polution A rugged, field carrying case houses all the necessary Unit 66,, Merk: Each Made in: USA individual test module contains all the necessary Model P labware and reagents for 25 tests.

The complete outfit also includes the Portable Air Sampling Pump in its own carrying case see description below , three types of impingers, and a detailed instruction manual. Unit 57,, Merk: All head are inclined at Model CS T10 30 and rotable Siedentop tubes with diopter adjustment provide large interpupilary distance 48 mm mm and ergonomical interpupilary distance 48 mm mm and ergonomical comfort for operators, Trinocular head includes a C-Mounttube replaceable with photo tube.

Revolving Nodepiece: CMOS Size: USB 1. Front Loading Loading: Front Loading Chamber dims. Performance and reliability are the main advantages for using these types of solenoids and valves. The door is preventef from opening unless the safe load temperature has been reached and the pressure has dropped to atmospheric.

Tap water - Water quality meter: Resin Cartridge for soft water - Storage tank for distlled water: Polyethylene resin made, 10L cock equipped, x x - External dimensions: Gerhardt a. Distillation No. Kjeldahl distillation are typically done in 2 - 4 minutes Functions are continuously monitored by the microprocessor Programming: Thermal protector Exhaust part material: PP Teflon Suction nozzle dia.

OD 10mm hose end; Exhaust nozzle dia. Water Circulating Pump No. Moulded prespex Water Bath f 1 No. External Probe. Power failure recovery. Include Adjustable Pump cartridges. Sample Volume accuracy: So that the sampling probe automatically goes in the sampling zone only at predefined sampling intervals, withdraw sample and comes out of media.

No turbulence created to the agitation properties with Centering Device: Centering Gauge: Depth Gauge: Validated Thermometer: Double beam Unit ,, Merk: PG Instrument Spectral Bandwidth: UK Working Mode: Forced air flow Unit ,, Merk: Membrane key switch, Digital readout Equipped functions: Auto-start, Auto-stop, 1 Step Program Heater element: Stainless steel sheath heater W Refrigeration: Air cooled rotary compressor W Refrigerant: HFC Temp.

Thermistor Chamber dim. Anti-bacterial stainless steel Ambient temp. Chamber heating Unit ,, Merk: Membrane key pad, Digital readout Timer: Digital timer 1min. Program function: Auto-start, Auto-stop, 2 step repeat, Step program within 8 steps Heater capacity: Bourdon type, 0. Uniform load Max. Regular Type Incident Light: Fluorescent Lamp 9W Transmitted Light: Tungsten Lamp 20W Stage Plate: Frosted glass plate Base: RS bi-directional interface, Second Unit 34,, Merk: Orbital Motion Unit ,, Merk: Smooth maintenance free drive 3.

Soft membrane key pad and Splash proof panel 6. Ergonomically Designed Control Panel 7. Gearless Drive 8. Swivel free Basket Movement 9. Green light illumination increases visibility Specifications: Settable from 1 sec. Support two drums Drive system: Online validation 5. Calculation for Tap Density 6. Calculation for compressibility index 7. Calculation for Hausner Ration 8.

USP I: Stepper motor drive for each station Power Supply: Dual Rollers Unit 51,, Merk: Reverse flow capability Stop: Instant Stop No. Motor Drive Discharge pressure: Descending Air Made in Japan Temp. Sheet key input, digital seting, LED digital display Min.

Correction of displayed temp. Computer interface Merk: RSC communication terminal, External temperature sensor terminal Bath working dimensions: Forced convection Unit ,, Merk: Microprocessor based P. Top Chamber dims. Mostly original. New brakes, bushings, , Sunbury floor and trunk pans.

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