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I'm having this same issue. The USB lights up on the radar when connected to my laptop, my laptop even makes the sound that something. ESCORT Liveā„¢ is the social network for the road where drivers share live alerts with other drivers so everyone in the network can drive smarter. ESCORT Radar will be presenting their Passport ix and Passport ci ESCORT Radar, maker of the world's best automotive driving accessories and.

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PASSPORT ix PASSPORT X50 SOLO S2 PASSPORT ci with a radar detector, and see how much better of a driver our products make you. Radar Roy walks you through the steps on how to update your Escort radar detectors the program, click on the Menu Escort Detector Tools and then drivers. Plus, you could have slowed down, started paying attention to the road, and became a safer driver. Keep reading this review of the Escort Passport ix to see.

When approaching a radar source, easily mute the solid tone audible alert by pressing the MUTE button. The time now is And then this following page there are instructions on how to use the program and this green box you click on to download the Windows version. To continue to have the ability to download updates after those first 3 months, you must pay a subscription fee. With every product, there are also negative reviews. The ix will alert you of these radar signals, but will lock them out automatically or allow you the ability to lock them out manually so they do not continue to alert you each time you pass them. You can easily adjust the angle at which the radar detector sits to ensure the GPS gets the best possible signal.

On the following page you will get this form where you will need to enter your name and register your detector.

And then this following page there are instructions on how to use the program and this green box you click on to download the Windows version. Now before we plug in our detector we want to make sure that we have the latest version of the program installed with the correct drivers.

So after launching the program, click on the Menu Escort Detector Tools and then drivers.

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Next under manual updates we have an option to only update your Defender database or just the Firmware. Then under advanced options we have Save Locations which enables you to store any marked locations you have saved on your detector and then restore which enables you to restore any saved locations. So we will do this first by clicking on the menu advanced options, save locations and selecting a folder on your computer where you will save the data.

Next lets begin the process of updating our Firmware and Defender database by clicking on the green circle with the arrow. This process takes a few minutes depending on your Internet speed and first downloads the firmware updates and once successful erases your old firmware and reinstalls the new firmware to your radar detector.

Escort Passport ix Radar and Laser Detector Review - Road Friendly

So take the next step to win back your enjoyment and freedom of the open road by clicking the banner ontop of this video now. The power cord that comes with the ix simply plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and also acts as a separate control center. There are LED lights located on the back of the power adaptor base that will light up and let you know how strong or weak the signal is when you are alerted of a threat.

You can also mute the radar detector by pressing a button located on the power adaptor. While there are many additional benefits of the Escort Passport ix that are not listed above, there are also a few cons with using this particular radar detector, the most obvious con being the cost. Although the cost is quite expensive, many people who own this radar detector will tell you that the expense is absolutely worth paying for all the features it has as well as for its effectiveness.

The Escort Passport ix is also equipped with a USB adaptor that can be plugged into your computer in order to download updates to its database.

While this feature itself is a pro, the con comes along when you discover that the updates are only free for the first 3 months after you purchase the Escort Passport ix.

ESCORT PASSPORT ix-Radar Detector Review Escort Radar ix

To continue to have the ability to download updates after those first 3 months, you must pay a subscription fee. Also, the software is only compatible with Windows computers, so Mac users will not be able to use this feature. The performance of the Escort Passport ix is the best on the market and the overall satisfaction of this radar detector among those who use it is outstanding, especially when compared to the lower cost radar detectors that do not have nearly as many features as the ix does.

The most commonly favorite feature of the Escort Passport ix is its ability to detect and eliminate false alerts, so you are only alerted when there is a real threat approaching. This radar detector has the ability to recognize numerous types of radar bands such as Ku, Ka, K, and X. Many of the radar detectors on the market today are not able to detect all types of radar bands and, as a result, are not as effective as they may claim to be.

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While even other radar detectors may detect all of the radar bands, many of them are prone to giving you false alerts. What makes the Escort Passport ix unique is that it has the ability to store false alerts in its memory so it will not continue to alert you to that same radar frequency every single time you pass it.

Escort Passport ix Radar Detector Weeds Out False Alarms: Tech Test

When you hear a false alert, you can hit the mute button a few times and the Escort Passport ix radar will store the GPS location and the band frequency in its memory to keep it from alerting you of that same detection again. It is also capable of recognizing different radar frequencies within the same area and will alert you of those. With the Escort radar detector, you will no longer be annoyed by the constant beeping due to false alerts. Along with the TrueLock filter, the Escort Passport ix also has a feature called AutoLearn, which uses the GPS system to determine your location whenever a signal is detected.

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When the ix detects the same radar signals three times in a particular location it will automatically block the signal from being detected in the future. The difference between the TrueLock filter and the AutoLearn feature is simply that the TrueLock is performed manually while AutoLearn happens automatically.

While the GPS system in the Escort Passport ix will not guide you to where you need to go, it does let you know where the hot spots are, which include red light cameras, speed cameras, and speed traps. Red light cameras do not send out radar signals so other radar detectors are not able to recognize them. However, because the Escort Passport ix was so intelligently designed, it can distinguish when a red light camera is approaching and will alert you with plenty of time to slow down or stop.

The Escort Passport ix has an important voice alert feature that will reduce the dangerous distractions that come with using other types of radar detectors because you will not have to take your eyes off the road to look at the display when an alert occurs.

When the ix detects a radar band, it will speak to you in English and let you know what the alert is for so you can concentrate on your driving and on lowering your speed without ever having to glance at the visual display on the radar detector and risk having an accident.

To keep the Escort Passport ix up to date, you can easily hook it up to the USB port on your computer and the updates will automatically be installed onto the detector device.

You will receive free updates for 3 months after purchase and will then have to pay a subscription fee for further updates. This feature is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

How to Update Your Escort Radar Detector

When you purchase the Escort Passport ix radar detector you will receive a suction cup windshield mount. It is easy to install and is adjustable. When you mount the radar detector, you will want to make sure it gets the highest GPS signal possible by ensuring it has a clear viewpoint of the sky.

You can also purchase an additional windshield mount if you will be using the Escort Passport ix in another vehicle.