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Simba's MongoDB ODBC & JDBC Drivers with SQL Connector are the most advanced driver available for direct SQL access to MongoDB. The SQL Connector. MongoDB ODBC Driver and MongoDB JDBC Driver with SQL Connector - Download trial version for free, or purchase with customer support included. MongoDB is an increasingly popular NoSQL database. As more and more companies take advantage of How to use Schema editor for NoSQL ODBC| JDBC.

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Find the most common answered questions about the MongoDB ODBC Driver. Extension for Visual Studio - Best-in-class connectivity for MongoDB data sources, MongoDB ODBC Driver supports "standalone" or. Simba's MongoDB ODBC Driver with SQL Connector allows any traditional analytics or business intelligence tool to query data in MongoDB via SQL. simba. png.

Or for more information, see the install guide for your driver. I sometimes receive the following error: Please check your junk folder as strict filters may incorrectly mark the license email as spam. From our blog Blog. Skip to content MongoDB. Initiatives Legacy Modernization.

MongoDB Driver with SQL Connector

Specifications Supports MongoDB 3. But … Watch This. These high performance … Watch This. From our blog Blog. As more and more companies take advantage of … Read This. ODBC Troubleshooting: Contact us Questions?

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Simba Technologies MongoDB ODBC Driver with SQL Connector - Visual Studio Marketplace

Thank you. March 6, by Hector Cervantes.

April 29, by Jeff Bayntun. March 24, by Craig Chaplin. March 9, by Craig Chaplin. January 6, by Kyle Porter. November 20, by Kyle Porter. May 26, by Kyle Porter.

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February 11, by Toph Whitmore. December 12, by Kyle Porter. December 10, by Hector Cervantes. If the driver is connected without providing a target schema map, the driver will generate an in-memory schema map during the connection process.

The drawback of this is that sampling needs to occur on each connection. You can also manually define a schema and store it to the database to shared with other users or save it to a local JSON file for personal use. Using a manually defined schema map will skip the sample step, and can dramatically improve the overall sample time. The driver allows you to specify a local file to read the schema from, instead of reading from MongoDB.

Note that a drawback to this approach is that the schema is only available to you, and if you publish a report using the local schema, then it may not work for other users unless they also possess the same schema file that you are using. Please see the user guide for more information.

No, if you create a schema file, only collections that are sampled and present in the schema file will be made visible by the driver. This data is stored in a schema map which can either be generated and cached using the provided Schema Editor tool or is generated on-the-fly by the driver during connection. If a database, table or column appears missing, check your sampling settings and resample.

This information is stored is stored in a schema map which is stored in the database or locally as a JSON file on the hard drive.

Mongodb driver simba odbc

Included with each driver is a standalone Java application called the Schema Editor. Schema Editor allows users to create, view and modify schema maps. The bit version of the driver includes the bit version of the Schema Editor and the bit version of the driver includes the bit version of the Schema Editor. The bit SchemaEditor. While this should be sufficient for most cases, for situations where the MongoDB documents have deeply-nested structures or a very large thousands of attributes the maximum memory allowed for the JVM may be exceeded.

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Should you encounter an issue where you encounter this in the form of a Java heap space error, you can launch Schema Editor by specifying larger initial and maximum values for the memory allocation pool as follows by using command line to open the SchemaEditor. The -Xmx flag specifies the maximum memory and -Xms specifies the initial amount of memory allocated.

MongoDB ODBC Driver FAQs | Simba Technologies

In some cases, the driver must cache data from tables locally before it can create the final result set. In these cases, the driver will use memory up to a certain threshold and then start spilling excess data over to disk. Try to free up space on your hard drive and try again.

If you are unable to free additional space on your main drive, you can specify an alternate location for the swap by doing the following:. You also need the following libsasl libraries: It is sent in a separate email when you download the driver.

Please check your junk folder as strict filters may incorrectly mark the license email as spam. License location is product and platform specific, but generally, the license file should be placed in the same folder where the driver files.

Detailed instructions on how to install the license are provided in the email with which you received the license file and in the User Guides. Please contact your administrator or Simba Technologies Inc. The customer should find their license file in their email and place it in the location indicated in the error message.

This is due to Windows permissions, you must first copy it to your desktop and then into your Program Files directory. This is usually due to a mismatch in bitness between the application and driver. The driver bitness 32 or bit must match the application bitness.

Please see the Bitness section for more information. Using a System DSN may resolve this issue since they are accessible by all processes running on the local machine.

If the error persists with the System DSN, it is possible that the application or process trying to load the driver has a different bitness than the driver.

See the previous answer to correct this problem.

MongoDB ODBC Driver

This is due to a mismatch in bitness between the application and driver. The ODBC driver must be installed on the same machine that the application is running on. If using a desktop application like Excel, then it must be installed on the desktop. If using a server application like Tableau Server, it must be installed on the server machine. Restart the application you are using the driver with for changes to take effect.

In OSX or Linux platforms, you must modify the simba.